How I store my Nail colors

11:04 AM

Hi Beauties!

Since my makeup collection is constantly on the rise, my cabinet space has vastly shrunk. I need to stack things up to make more space for the new stuff I get myself everytime I go out. Therefore, today I am going to show you how I store my nail colors.

I got this box from Haroon's Qadaffi stadium quite sometime back, probably last year or even before that. It was for Rs. 475 I think though I do not remember for sure. Its a strong hard cardboard box that can withstand some weight and has steel handles on both the sides for easy handling. The box has nice blue, green and yellow stripes. The inner section of the box is matte while the outer side is all a shiny cardboard.

The box is completely out of space now. I have placed some nail colors over the others. So if I buy any more nail colors I don't know where I would place them. This box has helped me store my nail colors, I can easily take out the bottle and place it back after using. Furthermore, once the box is lided I can place more things over the box and thus save some space.

For the durability, usage and style I would rate this box a 5/5. This is how I store my nail colors. How do you store yours? Let me know by posting in your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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