Flormar facial cleansing gel

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Hi Beauties!

How are you all doing? Hope you are all prepped up for the winters :) I am posting another face care post today hope you will like it.  So a month or so back I went to Hyperstar shopping mall and they have RIOS outlet there which sells Flormar and Rivaaj UK products. They have other imported products as well but they do not have a huge variety of other brands. I saw Flormar personal care products every time I went there and decided to get myself one this time. They have scrubs, body creams, hand creams but I got myself a face wash in Chamomile.

Its a purple pink colored 255ml face wash tube. Squeeze the bottle a little to take the product out. The face wash is enriched with Vitamin E and daisy extracts to cleanse the skin perfectly.

Flormar face cleansing gel

Flormar face cleansing gel

Flormar face cleansing gel

Its a transparent colored liquid and the consistency is runny sort. So you need to keep the tube tightly lidded otherwise it may leak and run out. 

Flormar face cleansing gel

I have used it for quite sometime now and I am not greatly impressed by this product. Its like any other average face wash and would not be doing any wonders for you. Although it does make the skin clean, fresh and smooth. The skin also feels hydrated and after towel drying skin remains soft. My skin is dry so I do not know how it will work for an oily skin since I do not have any acne issues so I am not sure if it will be suitable for oily and acne prone skin. It has a mild fragrance of chamomile flower but I do not like it. I think Flormar really needs to work out on their fragrances in body and face products.However I do have noticed that as the weather is changing, my skin is becoming dry. After using this face wash my face does not go all dry and crackly. This face wash is priced at Rs. 450 which I think is expensive for an average face wash.

Overall I would rate the product 3/5. It can be used as a daily face wash if you do not have any skin issues because it does make the skin clean, smooth and soft. But I do not like the fragrance, its runny consistency and its price. I do not think I would be buying this product again.

Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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