Boots Cucumber whitening Facial wash

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Hi Beauties!

With summer just around the nook its time to get vigilant about skin care. Heat and UV rays are surely set to damage our skins and those of us having oily skins, breakouts are just what we need to avoid. So here is a review on a face wash that I have been using for quite sometime now and its about to end. So I thought why not review it before it finishes.

This is a cucumber face wash by Boots, its more like a drug store product. I got this from Hyperstar for Rs. 225. The main ingredient of this face wash is cucumber. Cucumber has multiple beneficial properties for the skin. Our skin and cucumber share the same level of hydrogen thus cucumber helps in focusing on all the problem areas of the skin. Cucumber has a cooling effect on the skin. Thus it helps to soften and soothe, clean and cleanse the skin.

This face wash has cucumber plus whitening ingredients and vitamins in it. It comes in a 100 ml soft plastic pack and is travel friendly size. 

Here is how it looks like. Its white creamy in color and the texture is also cream like. Since its a creamy face wash it requires a little more amount of the product to lather well on face. I have a dry skin, no break out or pimples. This face wash works fine for me. I massage it on my face and rinse with water. What I notice after washing is my skin is soft, smooth, fresh and hydrated. I feel it clean and light. However I do not find it having any whitening qualities. I did not notice any improvement in my skin color. I would not recommend this to people having oily skins. This face wash tends to have moisturising properties and works great for people with dry skins but oily skin already has excessive moisture and I fear that it might break out skin. If you are looking for a normal everyday use face wash this is the product for you. But do not expect it to do any wonders. It will clean and cleanse your skin and that is I guess fine for everyday wash. It has a very faint cucumber smell which is almost unnoticeable but it is there. Overall I would rate this product 3.5/5. I leave the choice upon you to give it a try or not. This is my personal experience with the product. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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