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We have got another very helpful Guest Post here. Ashley gives us seven highly useful tips to find the best fitting shoes.


Taking Your Shoes in Stride

Walking around in uncomfortable shoes is no picnic. Shoes that simply look good but don't offer proper foot support will eventually cause foot problems, such as heel pain, bunions, deformed toes, nerve damage, swollen ankles, knee pain, and even spine and posture issues. The ideal shoe should compliment the structure of your feet to absorb the shock of walking on various surfaces, whether you are casually walking or doing a strenuous exercise routine. The following tips will help you find the right fitting shoes from flats to heels.

Seven Tips to Find the Right Fitting Shoes

1. Support over Fashion

Focus on proper foot support over fashion. Look for trendy casual and athletic footwear that are specifically designed for arch support and shock absorption for casual walking and for fitness from local stores or online websites.

2. Look around before buying

Take your time shopping for shoes. In other words, don't grab and purchase the first pair of shoes you like just because they're in your size, and their fashionable. Try on several pairs of shoes first and walk around in them for awhile before making a final decision on the pair you want. A shoe salesman can help fit you with an accurate sized shoe, making sure that their is the right amount of toe room for you to feel comfortable and that hugs your heel in such a way that they will not slip up and down when you begin to walk.

3. Make sure your shoes fit

Do not buy tight shoes, assuming that they'll stretch to fit later. If the shoes you try on in the store are too tight on the sides, hurt, or makes your toes feel crammed at the top of the shoes, don't buy them.

4. Find flexible shoes

Find shoes that are flexible. Shoes are really an extension of your foot and should compliment the motion of your foot as you walk. If you can't bend your shoes from the toe or from the heel end with your hand, you should look for another pair. Shoes also need proper cushioning, as this will serve you well especially when walking on uneven or hard surfaces.

5. Afternoon shopping

Because feet have a natural tendency to swell, buy your shoes late in the afternoon. You'll have a better chance of getting a more accurate fit than trying shoes on early in the morning. Try shoes on your dominant foot. The dominant foot is normally larger than the other.

Wearing Shoes With Extra Height- 2 tips just for the ladies!

Wearing heels causes the foot to assume an unnatural position both with standing and with walking. Therefore, women who prefer to wear wedges or heels should take the following things into consideration:

1) Women wearing high-heeled shoes of any height should not wear them for more than three hours a day, although wearing a low-heeled shoe is always a better choice if you just must wear heels instead of stilettos. Because stilettos have an extreme high, narrow heel, it does not offer any support to the middle part of the foot. Wearing heels frequently, especially of this height, will eventually shorten the tendon of the Achilles, which will cause heel pain.

2) Wedges have a major advantage over the average high heel shoe because the heel runs the entire length of the sole of the shoe. This provides the right amount of support for the entire part of the foot and cushions the arch in a more natural position.
The key to choosing any type of footwear is to try your shoes on and allow for swelling or irregularities with shoe size, and comfort level to come into play when buying your next pair!


Ashley Kimberly is a small Southern boutique owner who prides herself on providing clients with the finest of brands at realistic prices. When she wants to spruce up her shop with fresh flowers, she checks out flowerdelivery.net for great deals and beautiful flowers.

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