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Hi Beauties!

I belong to the age group where I grew up wearing Bata shoes most of my child hood. Whether they were sandals or casual home wear chappals Bata was the most reliable and trusted name of that era. With other sister concerns like bubble gummers, Bata was a leading brand for kids and adults all alike when it came to trendy and long lasting shoes. With all the competition Bata surely lost its charm and market share but it still is number one in areas where these bigger brands are unavailable yet. I got a chance to visit Bata this year to get shoes for my mum and my my, I was lost in what I saw...... Bata has got some really trendy shoes this season. I got myself a few and plan to get few more :p So lets see what I got myself :)

These pruple ones are very comfortable and are for Rs. 799.


I am wearing this pair on work today and I am not finding it much comfortable. Its a little tight on me and is biting me from back too but still is manageable and I am hoping it would losen up after being worn once or twice. This pair is also for Rs. 799.

These cute golden chappals are available in copper as well. I have not worn these yet but they look comfortable and are very very reasonable too. These are only for Rs. 599 <3

This might look and sound a little crazy, I actually bought two pairs of the same style in different colors and when I came home I realized I already have two other pairs of yellow shoes :(


What lead me to buy both these pairs was the fact that they are so very comfortable and soft that you hardly feel anything worn on your feet. These shoes are perfect for everyday use like for office or shopping, for mums and also for pregnant women. These shoes are priced at Rs. 1199 each and are totally worth the price.


I have no idea what got me buying all these shoes but I am loving them all. I think I am going to buy three more pairs in black, blue and white. I have found my lost charm in Bata once again as the styles are really trendy and prices are beyond reasonable. One thing I forgot to mention above is all these shoes are from Bata's range named as Leena. I hope you liked my shoe haul. Who is planning to visit Bata now after reading this post? Which pair you liked the best? Drop in you comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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