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Hi Beauties!

Well this is going to be my first review on lingerie. The place where I belong to I am not sure what sort of feedback I would be getting after reviewing this. But there have been many girls who have been very supportive and motivating me to do such reviews as they, like me, understand how important it is to buy the correct under graments as it is to buy good fitting clothes and shoes. Many of us, I also being the one, are unaware of how to buy the most suitable bras for ourselves and end up with ill fitted bras that bite us, annoy us and leave dirty bite marks on the skin and lets not forget the sagging and bad shape. Anyways I would do another long post on getting your self the best fitting bra some time later but today's post is just about a bra I recently purchased.

Lahore has got quite some variety when it comes to under garments finally, but still I would say its no match to what is available in Karachi. For casual wears I personally prefer shopping from Tesoro Accessories as I feel they have a wide variety with most competitive prices. Last week when I went to Tesoro in Xinhua mall I ended up buying a few things out of which this bra is one.

Its a really cute pink colored bra with white polka dots. I love polka dots and stripes in undergarments so this one is close to my heart (in literal sense too :p). Sometimes finding the perfect size gets so frustrating as different shapes of bra tend to give you different fit. But thank God this one fits me perfectly.

Coming to the make of it, the material used on the outer side is polyester, infact the whole bra is made of polyester but the inner side has cotton which is excellent as cotton is recommended by most breast doctors for comfort and hygiene.

I prefer wearing bras that have an under wire. Under wire provides support to the bust which does not let them sag and droop.

This bra has double hooks just like I prefer. Three hooks get way too broad for me. I personally prefer double hooks as they make me feel more comfortable.

The straps are adjustable. One can adjust them according to the shoulders.

And lastly, it has a cute white bow in the middle.

I am totally in love with this new bra of mine as its really very comfortable and fits me perfectly. I purchased this for Rs. 1495 which I would say is reasonable enough for the quality, comfort and style.

Hope you liked my review. I do not know what your feedback is going to be but still I am looking forward to it. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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