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Hi Beauties!

Here is a new addition into the blog, OOTD posts. I have been getting requests for quite some time now to include OOTD posts in my blog and finally I have acted upon them. Read the post further and let me know of your feedback as to what improvements can be made in the OOTD posts.

The crazy sale season just happened and there were sales everywhere. I was quick to grab myself some things from sale. The whole outfit along with the shoes is sale stuff :) Sometime back in the winters a new brand opened up with the name of Forecast. They have jeans, shirts, kurtis, handbags and accessories for both the genders. I was looking at their stock to see if I could get something from sale where I happened to see these long shirts and my my I swooned over them. I purchased two exactly alike shirts in different colors. One of them is the olive green one you see me wearing in the picture.

So its a plain kurta style lose shirt. The salesman said the fabic is cotton but I do not think its cotton, its more of a stone wash type of fabric and my my its freaking hard to iron it at home. And guess what I wore it the first time today and my maid has already burnt it from a few places like from the leather patches you see in the picture below. Some maid I have :s :@  

So here is a closer view of the shirt's front. It has two small pockets and the buttons are super cute. There are four seams just above the pockets on either sides of the shirt starting from the shoulders to the pockets.

The collar

Here is the closer view of the jeans I am wearing under the shirt. Its a skinny fit jeans and hugs tightly to the legs. Its also from Forecast. I puchased these clothes from Forecast outlet located in Xinhua Mall. The shirt was for Rs. 1050 on sale and the jeans for Rs. 1320 on sale. Just in case if you are wondering about the shoes, they are from Outfitters sale for Rs. 1050. I hope you liked my dress and the post. Dont forget to drop in your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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