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Hi Beauties!

Boots expert hair lightener - Front view

So I admit, I use cream bleach on my skin for lightening the hair on my face.I have facial hair like most people do but to me they appear a little dark and I feel they make my complexion look tan. So to light the hair and make them less visible I use Boots expert hair lightener. How does it work and what my experience has been with this product, read further to find out.  

Boots expert hair lightener comes in a white cardboard box with a picture of a woman's lower face. I personally did not find the packaging any appealing. I mean they could have come up with a more pretty feminine packaging instead of a bland picture on the top. The box contains:

  1. Bleaching cream 50 ml
  2. Accelerator cream 50 ml 
  3. Spatula
  4. Plastic mixing tray

Boots expert hair lightener - Back view

Many people do not prefer bleaching hair as its considered harmful by some for the skin. I am not sure about its harmful effects on the skin but I'd say its a matter of personal choice. I so far have not found it to be effecting my skin in a negative way, not sure about the effects appearing after long term usage. There are several options for hair removal like waxing, threading, tweezing or laser hair removal. I personally am okay with laser hair removal but not very convinced with the rest of the methods as I dread they might make the hair on my skin thick or dense. Hence, I opt for bleach cream. It does not remove the hair however it reduces their appearance and makes them light. 

Boots expert hair lightener - Back view

I was a regular user of Jolen hair bleach since I found it to be of real good quality. I purchased the Boots one on experimental basis but since the day I used it I am stuck to it ever since. The best thing I find about this hair lightener is that both the bleaching cream and the accelerator are in cream form. I find it much easier to mix both than mixing the cream bleach and powder accelerator. Creams are easier to manage and blend compared to cream and a powder. 

Boots accelerator cream and bleaching cream - Front view

Boots accelerator cream and bleaching cream - Back view

Spatula and mixing tray 

Boots hair lightener bleaching cream and accelerator cream in mixing tray
Here is how to use this bleach cream:

  1. Wash the area you want to bleach with a soap or face wash and pat dry with a towel. I use a toner afterwards as well but that is up to you.
  2. Squeeze equal amounts of the cream in the mixing tray and mix them well.
  3. When the creams are thoroughly mixed apply the mixture on the desired area with the help of a spatula keeping in mind to use the mixture within 30 minutes of mixing since that is the active time span of the creams. 
  4. Keep on checking the skin from time to time to achieve the desired level of lightened hair. The maximum time given on the pack is 10 minutes. I however sometimes use it for 12 minutes since the hair around my eye bone do not get bleached that quick. Time may vary from person to person and area to area. Some areas like arms or legs may require more time. Checking after an interval of every 3 minutes is what I advise. 
  5. When the desired result has been achieved remove the cream with the help of a spatula and wash the area with luke warm water and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin. 

You may notice some redness and tingling over the skin but it will vanish within half an hour or so. Just make sure not to over pour the accelerator cream. Excess of accelerator cream may cause itchiness and tingling over the skin. Its advisable to proceed with caution when using a bleaching product for the first time as the strength of the accelerator is unknown to a particular skin. 

I am very pleased with the results of this product. Other than temporary redness which lasts maximum 30 minutes on me I did not find any cons with the quality of the product. Its gentle and mild on the skin and does not burn the skin at all. The effect of lightened hair lasts good for 15 days on me and then it gradually tends to fade out. I use it once every month. Unlike other local brands this cream does not smell foul and neither does it burn my eyes. If you find your skin very sensitive I advise using a soothing lotion over the sensitive spots before applying the bleach. Do not use it over an open wound or damaged skin and also avoid using it after facials or a bath since the skin pores are open at that time. One thing I would like to suggest is, instead of spatula I would recommend them coming up with an applicator brush since the brush bristles would be flexible and convenient for application around the brows and nose areas. I am rating it 4.7/5 and recommend it to all those who use cream bleach over their skins. 

I hope you liked my review. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to write in every detail I could think of for this product. Drop in your feedback as I love reading your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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