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Hi Beauties!

The toughest post I find to blog about is writing about a perfume or some mist. Its because we all have different preferences when it comes to fragrances and to explain a smell in words is injustice to it. Plus its really hard to grab on to a concept of smell unless one has actually inhaled that smell. Liking and disliking is another matter entirely. I personally love Soap & Glory brand. Sometimes, I find it even better than The Body Shop. But then again thats my own liking. Today I am reviewing Soap & Glory's scent-sationalism set. Read further to find out more about this set. 

Soap & Glory scent-sationalism set

Soap & Glory scent-sationalism set

Scent-sationalism set contains 3 x 100 ml different colored spray mist bottles. The packaging is made of a very thin cardboard box which is quite sensitive. It has a plastic window to see the 3 different mists. The mists are encased in a plastic cut out sheet which keeps the bottles in place. The bottles are very sleekly designed which are attractive to look at. 

Soap & Glory scent-sationalism set
The 3 mists included in the set are:

1. Glam - a - lot
2. Mist you madly
3. Girligo

Soap & Glory mists: Glam - a - lot, Mist you madly, Girligo
Glam - A - Lot

Glam - a - lot is my favorite mist of all 3. This is the first one I finished. Since I love sharp and strong fragrances, this meets my criteria. Its sexy, mildly floral and also warm at the same time. Base notes include woody and vanilla musk. I feel this mist lasts longer than the other two. 

Soap & Glory glam-a-lot mist

Soap & Glory glam-a-lot mist
Mist You Madly

Mist you madly is a moderately strong mist with notes of bergamot, black current, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. There is a touch of fruity and floral smell in it and it lies between both these avenues, but is not over whelming at all. This one, I loved using in Summers, It was fresh and reviving. 

Soap & Glory mist in Mist you madly

Soap & Glory mist in Mist you madly

Last but not the least is Girligo. To be honest its my least favorite. Its actually a moisturizing spray meant to be sprayed directly on the skin after a bath or shower. Its milky in color when sprayed on the skin and quite frankly, the color is really off putting to me. Although it does not stain the clothes but for some reason I find the milky spray least tantalizing for my eyes. Girligo has notes of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. This is the only one left in my stash at the moment. 

Soap & Glory mist in Girligo

Soap & Glory mist in Girligo
Overall I really like the set and I think its a great value for money. If you are into mists then this set is a must try and I totally recommend giving it a try. 






          £ 8.50 


Availability is a huge issue as Soap & Glory is not officially available in Pakistan but you can place a custom order at the Facebook stores. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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