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Hello Beautiful!

Continuing my love for the subscription services, I came across February's Ipsy Glam Bag being sold at a Facebook store. I am not a die hard fan of Ipsy but I do believe that it provides access to brands which are not very known in Pakistan. The reason I opted for this month's Ipsy was solely the pouch. I love anything that is denim and this pouch being denim was something I wanted to get. Hence I ordered it and to know what came inside this bag, read my post further. 

February 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag
I was fairly surprised to find 5 products inside the bag as I was expecting one time use sachets mostly. But lucky me got a full sized nail polish, a full size lipstick, a full sized eye pigment with a deluxe sized illuminator and rose hip face cleanser. Not bad for a $10 Ipsy. 

Trust Fund Beauty nail color, Seraphine Luminude, Indie Lee Rose hip cleanser, Nyx Butter lipstick in lifeguard and Hikari Cosmetics cream pigment in latte
1. Hikari Cosmetics cream pigment 

The name is totally new to me. I have never heard of Hikari Cosmetics ever before. The brand seems to have an interesting product range. The cream pigment I received is named latte and is a beautiful deep brown shade. 

Hikari Cosmetics cream pigment

Hikari cosmetics cream pigment in latte

2. Nyx Butter Lipstick

I wanted to try Nyx butter lipsticks but never got around to buying one. I am glad to receive it in my Ipsy bag. Its a beautiful berry shade by the name of "Lifeguard" and is very moisturizing. 

Nyx butter lipstick in shade lifeguard

3. Trust Fund Beauty nail color

I honestly never had the chance to try an individual nail color that came in such a cute packaging. I am so impressed with the packaging and quality of this nail color. This is definitely a new brand for me as I had never heard of the name before and I am totally taken by it. Its a full sized nail color that comes in this cute  cardboard packaging which is drool worthy. 

Trust fund beauty nail color

Trust fund beauty nail color in shade: I give good tweet

4. Seraphine Botanicals Luminude

This luminude is a liquid highlighter. I have not tried it yet but it looks promising. I will probably do a separate post for this one. I really liked the cardboard packaging for this one. As much as the illuminator is water based, the cardboard also has water color paint like background.

Seraphine botanicals luminude

Seraphine botanicals luminude

5. Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser

Lastly what came inside the Ipsy Glam bag was Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser in 15 ml deluxe size. What I like about it is, even though being small I get to use it enough times to judge it, which is what I always prefer in any product I try - getting to use it more than a few times. I am using this cleanser these days and my verdict for this one is that its a pretty average cleanser. For me, a good cleanser is one that removes my eye makeup as well, which this one fails to do and ends up giving me panda eyes. So yeah, I don't anticipate buying a full sized tube for this one. 

Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser
These were the items I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of February. I am not a regular subscriber of Ipsy but sometimes I do give into temptations (not sometimes, all the time). I really liked what I received. It was priced at Rs. 2250 and I bought it from Beauty Broadway. On top of it I also paid shipping charges additionally so this cost me for a total of Rs. 2500. Although I have purchased Ipsy at more economical rates earlier but beauty Broadway had in stock earlier than any other online store in Pakistan. If you want to subscribe to Ipsy Glam bag you can check Beauty Broadway

I hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful xoxo!!!

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