Haroon's Bag Part II

3:14 PM

Hi Beauties!

So here is another bag from the series of bags I got myself from Harron's and this one is my personal favorite.

Its a really nice black colored leather bag in a duffle shape and has a patchy pattern all over it. The picture below is the back view of the bag. It has a zip pocket behind which is deep enough to put small things or your mobile phone.

This is the inside view of the bag. It has a small mobile pocket and an adjacent pocket next to the mobile one.

Then there are two zipper pockets and a small open pocket between the two zipper pockets. So in all this bag has a total of 6 pockets excluding the actual middle compartment. The middle compartment is quite spacy and you can put in a lot of junk there.

Along the sides of the bag are two buttony straps. You can button them and the bag will acquire the shape of a duffle bag.

This is how the bag looks when buttoned up from the sides and also zipped. But I don not prefer using it this way as it distorts the shape of the bag plus I think regular buttoning will wrinkle up the leather.

This is the top view of the bag. It has a zip along with a magnet button. I wonder what the button is for when the zipper is already there :p

The bag came with an extra strap for additional length in case you want to hang it on the shoulder. I have not used it wih this strap. Below the strap is a large sized dust bag to protect the bag from dust. The dust bag has got a string. Place the bag inside ang pull the string. Your bag will be safe from dust and moths. 

Ok, I forgot to take pictures of the bag along with this pouch. This also came with the bag and hangs around the bag on the metallic hook along the side. Its a small zipper pouch exactly of the same material as the bag.

Here is the inner view of the pouch. It has a cottony inside lining and can be used as a clutch casually.

This was all about the bag. I got this one from Haroon's Defence outlet Lahore for Rs. 1895. I simply love to flaunt this bag. Its leather is smooth and shiny and so touchable. I love the pattern, the style and shape of the bag. Its great for everyday use if you are a working woman and also for traveling. I simply love Haroon's. You can join their Facebook page by clicking on the following link. You can visit them too on their outlets in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. In lahore they have two outlets, one in Qaddafi Stadium and the other one in Defence, Y Block right next to Hardee's.

Hope you liked my bag. Share your views with me. I would love to hear from you. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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