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Hi Beauties!

Today's post is about a local brand available all over the country and is easily accessible. Even our Moms, I am sure are fully aware of this brand. After all this is one of the brands which was widely used in their times and is still famous among the areas where people do not have access to well established markets. Girls, I am talking about Medora of London. Somehow I also own 2 lipsticks of this brand and going to review them for you.

I got myself the 2 colors I normally use i.e. pink and caramel shade. I don't know why but I always end up buying these two shades whenever I hunt for lipsticks or lip glosses. I just do not experiment with brighter shades, makes me feel uncomfortable wearing bright flashy shades on my lips.

Medora lipsticks are of two kinds I think. One is the matte kind that I have got and the other one is the glossy kind. I couldnt find any good suitable color of my choice in the glossy ones otherwise I would have definitely got myself the glossy Medora lipsticks. Medora lipsticks come in grey cardboard box just like the color of the outer body of the lipstick. Unfortunately I threw away the cover boxes of these so do not have pictures to show you. The brown shade is named SISS and number is 231 while the pink one is ANGEL PINK in number 555. Thank God at least Medora named their lipsticks because they have not named their nail colors and it gets impossible to remember the shade numbers.

This is how the colors look like. I swatched them both on my hand. Sometimes it gets impossible to judge a color by its swatch on hand. It has happened several times with me that a lipstick shade which looked good on the hand looked equally awful when applied on lips especially the coral shades. I seriously have stopped looking for coral shade lipsticks for myself :(

This is how SISS looks like on my lips.


My take on Medora lipsticks:

I know I got myself matte lipsticks but I feel they are literally matte. I really have to swipe the lipstick three four times on my lips to get the color. Siss gives out a really matte look and might need a hint of clear lip gloss for some shine if you are into glossy or shiny lips. Angel pink however is fine maybe due to the bright color or chemical formulation. I think Siss might not be the color for everyone. Its a kind of shade that really neutralizes your face and might not suit people with dark complexions. Even I felt like a zombie initially :p so be sure to check it out before giving it a try. Angel pink is a nice lively pink shade with purple undertone and instantly brightens up the face. Due to the matte texture of the lipsticks they really stay long on the lips and do not disappear all that easily. Medora lipsticks cost Rs. 80 or Rs. 85 and are really affordable. They are easily available all across the country and you can find them at almost all departmental and cosmetic stores. I wuld give them 4/5 and like the colors I have got for myself. They have a variety of other shades too. Check them out.

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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