|Review|: Essence Pure Skin Anti Spot Intensive Night Treatment

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Hi Beauties!

If you reside in Lahore, you must be experiencing the same agony I am going through. Whole of Lahore is under construction, its like very other road is being constructed and all one can see is dust in the air. I happen to live close to the main road and my workplace is also nearby and we are having a major road being constructed all over again. It feels as if the air is dusty at all times and is true as well. I happen to have dry skin so acne and pimples are not an issue for me but I sure am sensitive to dust. I get these zits here and there on my face on exposure to dust which is what I am witnessing for some time now. I had to put a stop to it and here is what I got myself to put an end to these every other day zits popping on my face.

Essence pure skin anti spot intensive night treatment

I got two very ugly zits on the left side of my face and they left marks. I kept on witnessing these zits appearing on my face every now and then due to dust and also itching in the day time plus itching even after I had removed all my makeup and my skin could breathe easily. Since I like essence cosmetics I decided to give out a try to their pure skin range. I got myself this anti spot intensive night treatment gel tube.

Essence pure skin anti spot intensive night treatment

It comes in a soft plastic tube with 40 ml content. The thing I liked about this is, its reasonably priced and the quantity is reasonable enough unlike many zit zappers available in the market at high prices.

Essence pure skin anti spot intensive night treatment

A little goes a long way is perfect for this gel. The amount you see on my finger is enough to cover all my itchy problem areas on the face. I apply it to my face before going to bed and it gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Its not sticky at all and smells really nice. I have been using this for more than 2 weeks now. What I have observed so far is that it works in the way that it does not let any new zits appear on my skin, the ones already existing are gone. It surely prevents new zits from developing but I do not think it works in removing the spot marks. I mean it may lighten them a bit but its slow to work that way. Do not expect it to clear out the marks within a few days or over a week. It does not do that. Another thing I noticed is that my skin goes really dry since I have started using this. It really de hydrates the skin. But I guess this is a good thing for all those having oily skins out there but for a person like me having dry skin, NOT good.  The best part is the quantity is ample enough and it would last you quite sometime as opposed to other zit zappers. Overall I would rate this product 4.5/5 and would totally recommend it to all who have pimples and zits. In case you do not have access to Essence cosmetics I can get it for you. You can order it from me. It would cost Rs. 450. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. I love to read your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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