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Hi Beauties!

Remember the bumpy hair fashion of Bollywood in the 80's? Those perfect bumps and volumized hair with not a single stray and loose curls at the bottom? I really love those. Also the not so old and somewhat recent bump at the forehead also known as poof. This poof kind of suits me, infact this was the sort of hair style I could easily manage and carry off well.

I used to make the poof by back combing my hair and spraying hair spray to add volume and pinning it up. I was looking for something that would save my time and yet add volume to my hair without any back combing and spraying. I saw these volume hair base at born pretty store and so badly wanted to get my hands on them. Then I saw these on Le Desir and instantly placed an order. Read further to find out my experience with volume hair base.

The volume hair base came in this colorful plastic cover. It has this graphic girl at the cover with bumpy hair. The back of the pack has instructions on using it of which I have no idea. Since I do not understand the language :p All I could grasp from the image illustrations was, lift some hair up, place the volume hair base insert and cover it with the lifted hair. Easy peazy, eh?

Inside the pack are these two inserts. The above is smaller in size and the later one is comparitively large. So you can use them according to your need. Small one for a smaller poof and large one for a bigger bump.

Taking a closer look, you can see a stripe on the insert. its a velcro. The best part about velcro is, once you place it in your hair it sticks to them, grips the hair and the insert doesn't slip. It stays in place and you can dance and jump with joy to your content without worrying that it might drop out.

Both the upper and lower sides of the insert have been provided with velcro so it grips the hair from above and below and makes it sit in place. The inserts are oblong in shape like an egg. They are thicker in the beginning and get slim from the back so the bumpy part is what volumizes the hair.

I naturally have thick and volume full hair. But its been six months that I got my hair rebonded so they have lost the volume and are sleek straight. The reason I am telling you this is to show you how volume hair base works for thin volume less hair. See my picture below, it has been taken after inserting the small hair base.

WITHOUT any hair spray or back combing this is the volume it has given to my hair. What I have done here is I combed my hair thoroughly. Lifted few of my hair from the front, put the insert in place and dropped back the lifted hair and pinned them up. Simple isn't it?

I have so far only tried the small insert and it has worked great for me. It saves me alot of time in the morning, is really convenient to use and is totally hassle free. It hides well under the hair and looks natural and doesnt move so no worries about it popping out of the hair. Its really light weight so one doesnt feel anything on the head. You can just put it on your head and forget all about it being there even. This seriously is an OMG product for me as its working really well. I am so glad I made a good choice by buying this product. I'll soon try out the other things and share my views with you. I rate this product a total 5/5.

As I mentioned before I got this from Le Desir, I am really greatful to them for letting me have my hands on this product. You can check out their Facebook page here and journey through the different variety of products they have got. Hope you liked my post. If you are into bumps and poofs do try out this product, its totally amazing. Drop in your comments. I love reading them. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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