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Hi Beauties!

May is about to end and I am trying my best to fit in any haul posts that I can. I still have so many left but its okay I can always share them with you later :) I tried out shopping online from another Face book page this time, that is from Splurge and I would say my shopping experience went fine with Splurge as well.

Splurge is an online Face book page that sells jewellery, bags, cosmetics, shoes, shades, clothes and what not. They have a huge variety available on their page. Just browse through and check it out yourself. Some time back they had an offer going on their page for Wet n Wild trio palettes which was buy 3 for Rs. 2400. I ordered myself 2 sets of the deal that is 6 palettes in total. Here are the ones I ordered.

1. On cloud nine
2. I dream greenie
3. I got good jeans
4. I'm feeling retro
5. Spoiled brat
6. Cool as a cucumber 

When the order arrived I was informed that two of the platettes, I dream of greenia and Cool as a cucumber have one shadow broken. Its not anyone's fault that the palettes were broken during shipping. I guess either the Company did not pack them well or they were mis handled while shipping. But anyways, I was given the option to buy them on a discounted rate or get a refund. I chose to get a refund. So lets see which palettes survived...

Here is I'm feeling retro

I got good jeans

On cloud nine

And last but not the least, Spoiled brat. Upon delivery, this palette also had a broken shadow.

Here is the back view of the palette.

So out of 6 palettes 3 palettes have reached me safely and unbroken. I am thankful to Splurge for getting me Wet n Wild palettes as we do not have them easily available in Pakistan. However I must express here that even after so many days of delivery I have not been refunded yet. I received my order on May 18th and its may 31st today and still no refund, no contact as to how much will the refund be, when to expect or any reason of delay. When customers are strictly told to make the payment very next day of placing an order then isn't it an ethical and moral obligation on the opposing party to do the same too? I'd say I am disaapointed by Splurge's customer services. Lets see when I would get my refund and even if I would get one after this post. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope you liked mu haul. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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