Quick dry your nail colors with Essence Express Dry Spray

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Hi Beauties!

Here is a post on a different product. Frankly, I did not know something of this sort even existed and when I saw it I did not know what it is or what it does untill I read the description. This product was just for experimental purposes to see if it works. Want to know what it is, what it does and does it do what it claims to do? Read further to find out!

This is Essence express dry spray which claims to dry freshly painted nails within seconds and gives extra shine to them. In Pakistan not many such products are available so when I saw it, it was a new thing for me. But when I googled, I found out there are quite alot of quick drying solutions for nail paints. However this is the only product I have been able to find out so far here in Lahore so lets see how it works for me.

Essence express dry spray comes in a 50 ml tin purple spray bottle. The purple color of the bottle is quite eye catching. It resembles any other deodrant bottle and this is what I thought initially that either its a hair spray or some body shimmer spray. But when I read the description I was like, I totally have to try this product to see if it works. Since I wear nail colors every other day and its a pain to wait for like half an hour for your nail polish to dry if you have layers of coatings. We all have experienced at least once in our life time painting nails at night before going to bed and waiting for half hour for them to dry out but upon getting up there are pillow marks all over the nails. So annoying isn't it!

So here is how this spray works. All you need to do is apply nail paint just as you do and wait for 30 seconds for it to dry. After 30 seconds hold the Essence spray bottle in your hand at a distance of 30 cms from the other hand and spray a little on the nails. This spray tends to be a little oily and you can notice the oil settling around your nails, its fairly visible but after a minute or two the oil evaporates and your nail paint is completely dry. Moreover it tends to give some extra shine to the color as well so its another plus point.
What I have observed so far is that the drying effect depends on how many layers of nail color you have applied and how dense are your layers. Like for example I apply two thin layers of nail color they will dry quickly like within 2 minutes. However if I apply three thick layers of a nail color it may take like 10 minutes to dry out but still quicker than without the spray.
In short it is not a very high performance product but it serves my purpose. It works for me by drying my nails within minutes instead of half an hour or an hour. So I am very pleased with the performance of this product and will repurchase once this bottle finishes and I also recommend you buying it if you are fed up on waiting over your nails to dry out. I rate it a 4.5/5. Its priced at Rs. 390 and is only available at Raja Sahib Link Road and Liberty Market outlets in Lahore. Hope you liked my review on this fab new product. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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