|Wasted Beauty Item| # 1: Golden Rose Grafitti Nail Art in Black

9:50 PM

Hi Beauties!

Today I am starting a new section in my blog by the name of wasted beauty items where I would post about items that got wasted before I could even finish them off. To start off, first item is Golden Rose Grafitti nail art polish. 

Golden Rose Graffiti crackling nail color

I purchased this nail color almost 2 years back and loved its crackling effect. It was a time when crackling new polishes were new in the market and were very uncommon in Pakistan which ultimately meant almost no existence. At that time Golden Rose was the first crackling nail color I found at Al-Fattah and immediately purchased it. The effect was awesome. It worked pretty well and I created some amazing combos with it. I did one post on it too which you can check by clicking on the following link.  

Golden Rose Graffiti crackling nail color

However before I could finish this nail color, it dried on me, totally went lifeless, barren to the core. See the miserable condition of the brush? It was this bad! I had to throw it in the bin sadly :( So its one product that went wasted and I regret it. You can find Golden Rose range in all leading stores nation wide. In Lahore you can find it at Al-Fattah, Enem, Raja Sahib, Hyperstar, Shoppe. 


  • Do not use crackling nail colors under fan.
  • Use this nail color somewhere its not windy.
  • Crackling nail colors dry pretty fast, they are supposed to since they react with the base nail color to give the crackling effect.
  • Finish your crackling nail color at the earliest before it dies on you. 
Hope you like my new series of posts. Drop in your feedback, I would love to read your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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