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Hi Beauties!

Summer season is at its peak with temperature rising to as hot as 45 degrees Celsius. With such extreme heat, the skin is bound to break out, feel dull and lose its glow. If you had dreamed about buying Clarisonic Mia someday, you can opt for a cheaper alternative to fulfill your dreams by getting Sigma cleansing and polishing tool to pamper yourself.

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool
Here is what Sigma claims about its cleansing and polishing tool:

"The Sigma beauty cleansing and polishing tool was developed to allow perfect skin preparation prior to makeup application and flawless skin cleansing during makeup removal... The multipurpose tool is guaranteed to change and improve your skin care routine."

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool

Usage Instructions

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool

The tool comes in a thick cardboard packaging with a plastic container inside neatly containing the the tool along with brush heads. The plastic container is sturdy enough and is ideal to take along on vacations. The pink color adds a touch of girlish feel to the tool. 

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool

Face rotating brush

Top of Sigma cleansing and polishing tool

Medium rotating brush

Hard rotating brush

The below picture shows a very clear difference between my skin in before and after results. My skin was dull, tan and oily before using the Sigma cleansing and polishing tool. But after using it, one can see a visible glow, less tan and a clean fresh moisturized skin.
Before and after results of using Sigma cleansing and polishing tool
My Experience: 

To begin with, I had a love and hate relationship with it. I could not get a hang of this tool in the start. It just was not working for me. I felt the tool was doing nothing at all. With more experimentation, I learnt how to use it. Its quite easy actually. All you have to do is apply a little cleanser or a polisher on the brush head and press the button for the brush head to rotate. Be careful with product application as sometimes the product splatters here and there due to brush head rotation. There are 2 speed adjustment to the rotation. Pressing the button once allows regular speed, press again for faster speed and third time to stop it. 

For my face, I use the regular speed and soft head brush and use it for no more than 35-60 seconds. Using the medium and hard body brush, I exfoliate my body and adjust speed according to the requirement. Medium bush head for arms and torso and hard brush for legs and feet. I have been using the tool for quite sometime now. No doubt its a little time consuming but body buffing is something I don't do on a daily basis and wont recommend either. So when you feel like pampering yourself, like maybe once or twice a week, its a great tool. For face, I recommend using it once on daily basis or on alternate days. 

To sum it all up, I can only say, Sigma cleansing and polishing tool is a great product for pampering yourself. Its a complete body care solution packed in one box. You fave the facial and body exfoliator pieced in a single box which is travel friendly and can be taken along at vacations. Its a very low maintenance device. All it requires is a pair of AA sized batteries and you are good to go. Unfortunately, Sigma has stopped manufacturing it anymore. Now you can only get it on Amazon or from someone who is willing to part from it. 

The cleansing and polishing kit was priced at $ 39 which is very affordable compared to other expensive alternatives. 

Hope you liked my review. Don't forget to drop in your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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