|Review|: Beautyuk eye shadow palette in # 6 Day and Night

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Hi Beauties!

This post is about the famous Beautyuk eye shadow palettes :) oh yes, I have managed to get my hands on these palettes and I am going to share my experience with you now. I have this Beautyuk eye shadow palette in No. 6 which is named as day and night.

Beauty uk eye shadow collection in # 6

Beauty uk eye shadow collection in # 6

Isn't this palette a pretty sight or what? Just look how pretty the colors are and so vibrant.... Well this palette is a combo of darker shades that can be worn at night and some vibrant shades to be worn in day time (hence the name day and night). The size of the palette is smaller then the size of my hand but still it houses 10 different eyeshadows. Its really convenient to carry it around in your purse. I always have this palette in my purse. Each shadow is approximately the size of a Rs. 1 coin. It comes with double ended foam applicator and underneath the applicator space there is this sleek bar mirror attached to the palette, not convenient though but something is better than nothing. The mirror might come handy for touch ups. Here are a few swatches of the palette.

Beauty uk eye shadow collection in # 6 - swatches

Beauty uk eye shadow collection in # 6 - swatches

Beauty uk eye shadow collection in # 6 - swatches

The shadows are highly pigmented. I am amazed at the quality of these eye shadows. The black one and shimmery brown and maroon ones are super pigmented. Infact I find the black eye shadow to be better than many of my other palettes. Though I am not pleased with the light pink color but overall I am quite satisfied with the palette. In the above picture the first two shadows on the lower left corner serve as highlighters. I love the second one it gives a very natural touch. The next three shadows and the upper two shadows from the top right corner can be worn in the day time while the top left ones can be worn at night for a smokey eye look. This palette costs 3.99 pounds and weighs 10gms. The palette can be purchased online from their website here or you can also place an order with Sara Hassan she is selling Beautyuk stuff and has great deals and discounts. All in all I love this palette and would give it a 4.7/5 and would recomend it to you girls.

Let me know if the review was helpful for you girls. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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