|Review|: Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquer in Wicked

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Hi Beauties!

Here is another post on nail colors and this post is on Luscious Diamond finish nail lacquers. I have already done another post about this brand of nail paints and you can view it here . The color I am going to review today is Wicked which is number 34. Here is a picture of the bottle with flash. Its more like a maroon shade but darker than maroon like a burnt rose color.

Luscious diamond finish nail lacquer in Wicked

Luscious diamond finish nail lacquer in Wicked

With Flash
Luscious diamond finish nail lacquer in Wicked

Without Flash
Luscious diamond finish nail lacquer in Wicked

I really admire Luscious nail polishes as they quickly dry out when applied on nails. I bought this nail color a few months back from HKB liberty market for Rs. 225. When I applied this colored on my nails today I noticed that it has become thick and is a bit gooey as well. Though my other colors are just fine I only experienced the thickening with this color so I'll consider it a drawback with this color. A good nail lacquer should not start drying up within a few months. Luscious nail colors come in 15ml bottle with a wide applicator brush for a full nail coverage. The handle is strong and wide for a good hold. The color looks excellent on my hand complexion and I have been complimented several times whenever I have worn this color. Other than thickening I didnt find any draw back with this, so I totally recommend it. You can buy Luscious nail lacquers online from their website here . These nail colors cost only Rs. 225 and they are also available on several good cosmetic stores throughout Lahore.

Was the review helpful? Let me know. Do you own any luscious nail lacquers? Share your experiences with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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