Copy CATS!!!!!

2:57 PM

Hi Beauties!

Before I begin I would like to apologize if somebody finds the content of this post offensive but I cannot help it I am hurt and angry. It has happened many times before and I have read posts of many bloggers complaining that their posts were copied by other bloggers and their pictures stolen. I used to sympathize with them but since this has happened to me lately now I truly understand how it feels.

People do you realize how much effort, creativity and time we put into writing a blog post? It requires brains and energy. It does not come on its own if that had been the case people would not be copying other people's post. Before today I never used to add a watermark to my pictures but now I have decided to do so since I have also become a victim of plagiarism.

You must be aware of the on going contest of Luscious cosmetics where you tag Luscious in the status and win goodies. Well it has come to my notice that Sara Gulzaib from the blog Makeup craves has used my picture of Luscious perfect brows kit from a haul post of mine. You can check out Luscious Cosmetics page if you want to.

This has happened several times before as well with other bloggers. Therefore I would request Pakistani Blogger community to ban Makeup Craves from the community as it is a disrespect to a blogger. An example should be set so that it does not happen again in the future.

This is all I have to say I hope you will support me in my cause. I did not intend to name and shame but this is too much, it is time to take serious steps against such malpractices.

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