How I manage my LipGlosses

8:27 PM

Hey Beauties!

Managing your makeup products can be tedious and a difficult task. I was fed up of my lipglosses roaming around here and there in my cupboards and drawers. So here is what I did to manage them. I went to Haroon's located at Qaddafi Stadium Lahore and got myself this beautiful bucket to place my lipglosses.

It is a very nice pinkish purple metal bucket and cost me only Rs. 245 to manage my lipglosses. Now they are stuck in one place and I get easily access the one of my choice.

These buckets are available in different sizes and different colors. Some have flowers etched in the metal while some are beaded, some with handles and some without them like mine. The small ones were really cute. You can place your jewellery and other small things in them. I would strongly suggest you to visit Haroon's at your earliest before they all are sold out.

Hope you liked my idea of managing lipglosses. You can also place your eye and lip pencils or makeup brushes, whatever you want. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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