Accessorize Charmed Bracelet

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Hi Beauties!

Today is another jewellery post and again from Accessorize. I don't know why but I love their stuff. Its stylish, classy and durable. The prices are a little high but then again its an international brand and we know the tragedy we face of high shipping costs and import duties and customs fees *sigh*. But still it does not lower my enthusiasm for shopping at Accessorize. So this is what I got myself this time. 

It is a very pretty charmed bracelet with loads of charms in it. It has got a heart, some nuts, a flower charm, a key and random others. 

The above picture is a full view of the charmed bracelet. I took it from Accessorize Pakistan official fan page. You can click on the picture for a full view.

I am totally in love with the bracelet. I instantly purchased it the moment I laid my eyes upon it. Though I am loving it so far but I do have some reservations about it. Firstly I think the bracelet is a little delicate because the cord that has all the charms is quite delicate. Though it is hard and strong but may not be able to withstand a sudden jerk. Secondly, the grey piece of ribbon is beginning to get undone. Have you noticed the ribbons we buy to put as borders on clothes, when cut with scissors the end begins to de thread same is happening with the grey ribbon on the bracelet. Thirdly, due to the cord the bracelet can only be tied to the only available loop and can not be adjusted according to wrist size. Other than these minor reservations I am totally in love with this bracelet. I would rate it 4/5 for its style and charms. The bracelet is priced at Rs. 1850 and I got it from Accessorize, Mall of Lahore outlet. You can check out their facebook fan page here. View their stuff and drool over the variety they have got. They have recently started a home delivery service as well. You can check out the details on their fan page. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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