Handbag by Haroon's Part I

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Hi Beauties!

Well I got a little crazy this month when I went to Haroon's and saw their bags collection. They have got such awesomely amazing collection again, be it handbags, clutches; formal or casual. I just could not resist and got myself 4 handbags and a casual carry around pouch. Would be sharing them with you one by one.

So this is what I got this time.

This is the front view of the bag. Its a leather bag made up of very fine material and is smooth and shiny.

The back view of the bag. Although both the sides are exactly the same, the only difference is of the heart shaped tags tied to one of the handles of the bag. It helps in differentiating what side is the front.

This is the top view of the bag. It has a zipper top. Contents will remain safe in the bag and wont fall or slip out.

And finally the inner view of the bag. It has Two zipper pockets. One mobile pocket and another pocket adjacent to the mobile pocket. There are two middle pockets as well.

My Experience:

My experience with this has been really great. I really like carrying out this bag  with me. The material of this bag is really smooth and shiny. I wont say its really soft because the bag is not really that soft. In terms of softness I would say it falls somewhere between hard and soft but thats also a good thing because it helps in retaining the shape of the bag. The handles I would say are a little hard on the arms, not vary comfortable for hanging for a lengthy span of time. The zip is really smooth. The best part I find about this bag is that it has quite alot of pockets which means I dont have to put a separate organizer in my handbag to keep all the things organized. I  usually employ this bag for office use and I am really happy with it.

I purchased this bag from Haroon's Qaddaffi Stadium outlet for Rs. 1895. Majority of their handbags are priced the same. You can check out Harron's facebook fan page here or visit their Qaddaffi Stadium or Defence Y Block outlet.

Hope you liked my handbag. This is only the first one from the lot. There are yet more to come :) Share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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