10:12 PM

Hi Beauties!

Few days back I posted a picture of a yellow courier box on my Facebook page. Well that yellow box had some cool things in it and today I am going to disclose what it had.

Any guesses?

TaDaaaaaaa *Drum rolls*

Girls its my order from Just4girls.pk. I ordered bumpits and epicare for hair removing.

Epicare facial hair removal

Guess what I got this key ring free from just4girls.pk. Epicare cost me Rs. 2000 while bumpits were for Rs. 1050. The bumpits had to come from UK and it took 14 days for the shipment to arrive and I got my order in the third week. My shopping experience with just4girls.pk has been great so far. Above the order of Rs. 2000 shipping is free anywhere in Pakistan and they have a tracked courier system plus a free gift. Cool isn't it? I am so happy with my things and super excited to try them out. I'll soon post in the reviews. Keep checking this space. You can check out just4girls.pk's online shopping site here and explore a whole new world of online shopping in Pakistan. Have you shopped anything from just4girl's.pk? Share your experiences with me. Stay healthy an beautiful. Take care!

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