M.A.C. (fake) Haul

12:28 PM

Hi Beauties!

I have hauled alot after Eid ul Fitr and have got myself alot of stuff but due to some laziness and other reasons I have not been able to share my hauls with you girls. However I am now trying to make amends to you and will be doing small haul posts to cover some stuff I bought. So I went to Model Town Link Road this Saturday to get some grocery stuff as I wanted to make pizza at home and had no plans to buy any cosmetics. But you know me going me simply could not resist and here is what I ended getting for myself.

Yes Yes, you are seeing it right. They are M.A.C. palettes but the fake ones. Don't get turned off. Go through the whole post you will love them. 


See the full size mirror fixed under the palette lid. You can easily get a full view of the eye and apply makeup easily.

Love the zebra pattern on the cover of the palette.

Here are swatches of one of the palettes. The swatches are of the above palette, top row from left to right. 

These are the swatches of bottom row of the above palette from left to right.

See how pigmented the shades are. When I saw them the colors looked quite appealing to me but when I swatched a shade I was like my my, this is lovely. The shades are shimmery as you can tell from the shine in the swatches. It has a nice yellow gold, green olive, copper, dull blue and lack shade. A great palette for evening makeup.

All the palettes come with an appropriate size mirror for easy application and double ended eye shadow applicator brush. Each palette is priced at Rs. 240, Amazing isn't it? The prices are really really reasonable for the variety and quality of the product. These are small hand sized palettes and can easily be placed in the purse/handbag for convenience. So this haul cost me Rs. 720 in total. Where do you get such quality palettes priced this reasonable? I got these from Victoria Departmental Store from their cosmetics section. They have very few palettes left so if you live in Lahore hurry and get your hands on these palettes before they all are gone. I would rate these palettes a 5/5 because I love them :p 

Girls do comment on my post. Share your views with me. Tell me if you liked these palettes. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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