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3:04 PM

Hi Beauties!

So I made another trip to Accessorize and got my hair some cute stuff.

I got 2 headbands and a bow clip. They are from the Monsoon line of Accessorize.

The bow clip is of dark blue color more like navy blue I guess with pink yellow flowers and green leaves.... really cute!

The 2 matching headbands I got. One is of similar Navy blue color like the bow clip, other one has a white base.

I have been using these headbands for a few days and what I have noticed is that unlike other headbands they dont cause any pain or pressure at the back of your ears. They are made up of some very nice soft plastic and are very light in weight as well. No matter I wear them for the whole day my are behind the ears doesnt hurt at all. The bow clip is for Rs. 550 or Rs. 650 while the headbands cost Rs. 950. This collection is available at Mall of Lahore outlet and not the Xinhua Mall outlet.

I would rate them 5/5 for the style, cuteness and comfort. Share your views by commenting if you liked my purchase. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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