Boots cucumber whitening facial mask

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Hi Beauties!

Hope you are doing good and taming your skin for winters. Well sometime back I went to VIP Liberty Markets Lahore and while browsing through cosmetics my eyes fell upon this facial mask. I thought about giving it a try.

Its a cucumber whitening facial mask by Boots and claims to be suitable for all skin types. It isn't a liquid or powdery mask but is a facial pack that is its a face shaped skin dripping in the solution. You just need to open the layers of the face pack and place it on your face adjusting according to the nose and eye slots.  

Boots cucumber whitening facial mask

Boots cucumber whitening facial mask

Although the packing is a plain white plastic wrapper and looks quite unappealing but yet I thought why not give it a try, after all its a Boots product. My experience of this face mask was nothing extra ordinary. I opened the wrapper, took out the face film and opened the layers to place it over my face. I kept it on my face for about 20 minutes and rinsed my face with tap water. My face definitely felt refreshed and hydrated. I felt as if each pore of my face is able to breathe. The skin felt smooth, soft and bright. However the effect fades in a day or two. So it is not long lasting. But its a good treatment for your skin if you are short of time and want something quick to hydrate and nourish your skin. 

My overall rating for the product would be 2.5/5 for its performance and packaging. Although it cost me Rs. 145 only but I do not think I would be buying this product again as the results are quite temporary and would not recommend you buying it either. 

Share your views with me girls if anyone of you has tried this product before. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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