Oriflame nourishing hand cream for dry hands

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Hi Beauties!

So I had been requested quite alot of times to do reviews on Oriflame products I had purchased, so finally I'm going to do my first Oriflame review. My skin is really really dry sort and in winters it wants me to take butter and lotion baths so you can imagine how much I need to keep my skin hydrated. Winters are just around the corner and with the beginning of cool breezes my skin starts getting dry especially my hands. Whenever I wash my hands I need to apply a lotion or a cream but I don't like oily creams like astral. I had been reading a lot about Oriflame products on different blogs plus there was so many publicity being done about oriflame so I thought about giving the hand cream a try.

There is a complete range of hand care products by Oriflame. For starters I got myself the nourishing hand cream for dry hands. Its a matte plastic tube with 100ml contents of the cream.

Oriflame nourishing cream for dry hands

This is the back view of the tube. Click on the picture to enlarge and view the ingredients.

Oriflame nourishing cream for dry hands

This is how the product comes out. Squeeze the tube a little and use small amount of the cream.

Oriflame nourishing cream for dry hands

I have taken out this much to clearly make you girls visible what the cream is like but trust me one requires smaller amount of the cream.The cream is thick in consistency unlike a lotion. You might need to squeeze the tube with some pressure to make the cream come out but thats not much a trouble. Plus you can keep it in your hand bags as its quite portable and no fear of leakage in the bag.

Oriflame nourishing cream for dry hands - swatch

I have been using this cream for a month or so on regular basis. I have put this cream in my office drawer and apply pea sized amount whenever I wash my hands or feel that my hands are dry. The best thing I like about this cream is that it instantly absorbs into the skin after application and nourishes the hands. Hands feel really smooth, supple and hydrated after its application. It leaves no oily residue over the skin and there is no trace left of cream application on your hands. It smells really nice (I like smelling my hands after applying this cream) :p Well there is no doubt about the nourishing properties of this cream over dry hands but what I feel is it doesn't stay that long on the hands. I need to apply it again after I wash my hands or after a few hours when my hands feel dry again. It maybe due to the fact that my skin is really dry and I do not mind applying it again. The cream I think would be equally suitable for people having oily skin as it absorbs completely into the skin.

All in all I am really happy with this product and yes I would definitely be buying it over and over since I am finding this product to be the best hand cream so far. I got mine from Oriflame office in Liberty Main Boulevard, Lahore for Rs. 238. I'd say for the quality and benefits this cream is providing me it is reasonably priced. I would rate this product a 5/5 because quite frankly I can't seem to find anything wrong with it. I hope my review was helpful for you girls. Share your views with me if anyone of you has tried this product. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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