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Hi Beauties!

I am back again after a long pause and with a tragic news that my camera's memory card has given up on me :( For some reason its just not responding and is undetectable when attached to a laptop. So I have lost quite a lot of pictures I had to taken for the reviews. Anyways life goes on and so will my blog :) Today I am going to review a hair removing product that I recently purchased. 

These are hair removing mats by Sheer Skin. Its a small cardboard box wrapped in plastic containing two mats. The packaging is just okay, nothing special.

This is the back side of the pack with features and directions written on it. You can see a nude leg too :p 

So this is how the mat looks like. The mat is double sided, you can slide in your hand inside the mat and make 5 circular motions clockwise and then anti clockwise to remove the hair. No upwards or downward motions. This might need a little practice in the beginning as the mat may slide down the hand. The legs have to be dry and lotion free. You should have absolutely clean legs before using the mat. No damp legs and no chemicals.

How the mat works?

The texture of the mat is just like a sand paper i.e. a little rough. When you rub it onto your skin the mat gets a little ashy just like when you file your nails and the filer gets a little ashy. It does work and removes hair painlessly and effortlessly. All you have to do is make clockwise and anti clockwise circular motions. I am quite hairy and usually prefer to wax away my hair as waxing is the best solution for me. I use this mat afterwards to smooth out my skin or remove any left off hair. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth and shiny. But beware not to overdo the rubbing as it may lead to burning, rash or reddening of the skin or irritation. I found the result of this mat to be better than a razor. A razor removes hair from the surface of the skin and you get a stubby feeling but with Sheer Skin silky mats skin is smooth and soft. However the hair growth process is exactly similar to using a razor. Hair take the same time to grow out again. The problem with these mats is that they might not work on dark course hair. For light hair they are very effective but do not work for course thick hair. Another good thing about these mats is they can be used more than once. Single mat works well for both legs before losing effectiveness.After you are done wipe skin with a damp towel as it may cause some skin irritation.

I purchased these mats from Victoria Departmental Store, Link Road for Rs. 60. For the price I must say they are really very very economical and effective.

Overall I'd say these mats are good for removing hair on emergency basis or removing small hair growth from time to time or for left over hair after waxing or epilating. Some people use these mats as a permanent method for hair removal as its painless and effective. It is your choice how you want to use it. I am quite happy with this product and I think I would buy it again too. I'll rate it 3/5 for its efficiency and convenience. You can carry them around in your handbag as well as they are quite portable about the size of a sanitary napkin but much thinner. The drawback is fast hair growth just like when you remove hair with razors. However you must give this product a try once to experience it. Its not a very reputable brand you may find it in few stores only but these mats are available in other brands too but I do not know about their effectiveness.

I hope you liked my review. Share your views with me by commenting on the post. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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