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Hi Beauties!

Today I'll be sharing with you a dire experience of online shopping that has made me learn new aspects to shopping while online. On September 15th I placed an order with Stay Stylish through her Facebook page. Whatever order I placed at that time I was informed that the products are available except AVON since that shipment will be arriving in December. Well I finally got my order on November 2nd and that too only half of it. So lets start with the post and see what I got in the much awaited courier. 

This is the nicely gift wrapped package that arrived on my official address. Sorry for the crappy quality of images  I was too excited and could not wait to open it, therefore, took the pictures from my mobile phone. One can imagine when one finally recieves something after a very very long wait how high the excitement must be.

Tearing off the wrapper, the order was neatly organized in this plastic container.

Here let me tell you first what I had originally ordered. 

1. Luscious twilight palette (yes, I did not have it till now. I always found it to be expensive)
2. NYX lip gloss in baby doll
3. AVON face brightening foundation
4. AVON mini lipsticks in 3 different shades
5. Oriflame Kajal from their last month promotional price of Rs. 298 (originally priced at Rs. 429)
6. 3 eye shimmers made by Sanam herself
7. 3 creamy blush ons made by Sanam
8. 3 anklets
9. A bracelet

So lets get on further with what I got after much await. 
The Luscious twilight palette which was neatly bubble wrapped in the package. It cost me Rs. 650.

Luscious Twilight palette

Luscious Twilight palette

Luscious Twilight palette

An anklet made by herself as a gift. It was inside this nice small plastic pot.

Its a beaded anklet with glittery beads of copper, jade and purple colors.

This is another nice anklet sent by her as a gift to me which has been made by Sanam herself.

Its a very delicate pearly anklet and looks really pretty and decent when worn and I am sure Sanam worked really hard on it since its such a delicate fine chain.

The only problem I found with this anklet is that its too delicate and can not sustain a slight jerk even and the silver chain might lose its color after sometime. 

Next are the 3 eye shimmers I ordered hand made by Sanam. These are mineral shimmers as told by her. To be honest I do not remember the shades I ordered other than aquamarine (you can see in the image below that I have taken from her page which she also has taken from some other website) since I placed my order way back but you may match the shades for yourself and see if they resemble the image uploaded by her or not!

I do not possess any eye shimmers  so I am not aware of the quantity they are usually available in. If anyone of you has purchased lose eye shimmers before let me know if this is the appropriate quantity for Rs. 100 each. 

This so called Aquamarine shade is finely ground and is quite pigmented but I have reservations with the amount of the product. You can see the swatches below for the product.

As for the next two shades, they sure are highly pigmented but they are not so finely ground as is the above Aquamarine shade. 

Another reservation I have about these shimmers is that they are not in the same packaging as shown in the picture. The applicator catches alot of product and I have to be super careful while applying it. Also the product keeps on falling out of the pots and creats a mess wherever they are placed. 

NYX gloss in baby doll

This is the lovely NYX lip gloss in baby doll which cost me Rs. 650. You can see the swatch below. Its a lovely bright pink color and looks really pretty on lips. However for the price I paid this product is not new but rather used.

NYX gloss in baby doll - swatch

Here I would like to show you the images of the jewellery which I ordered but never got and there was a new reason to it everytime.

The above four are the images of the jewelry items that I had ordered. The images have been taken from her page to show you people. 

After placing the order every time I inquired I was asked the color of beads, any changes I want, or either I was informed that she is working on them and would be ready within a week, after a week and so on. Yesterday I was finally told that some eye primer had leaked over the jewelry items and she can not get new beads so they are no longer available. I wait for over 2 months for my order to arrive and that too only the half of what I ordered and when I open it up to my sheer disappointment I am told that I would not be getting the rest of the order as she can not get new beads. Imagine two months after commitment! and what she tells me further is that its not a big deal since I had not paid for them.... So verbal commitment is of no value these days guys!  Waiting and expectation mean nothing to Stay Stylish. A person has some faith in her to receive the order and one hears in the end that since you paid only half so no worries even if you did not get your items. No my question here is did I request to make the half payment? No! I did not. It was she who asked me to make half the payment and pay the rest of the half after receiving the order.

This is another set of bracelets that I got. Now I am not sure whether they are some part of my order or are gift since they do not look like the bracelet I ordered.

I had paid Rs. 1550 in advance for the order I had placed in which only two items exactly happen to be the same. I was told that my Oriflame kajal has been purchased and yesterday she informs me that I have to pay the full price for the kajal since she had not purchased it then. She lied to me that she is an official Oriflame consultant. When I went to Oriflame no records were found against her name or her mobile phone number. The shipping cost of Rs. 50 was told to me for any city other than Karachi and yesterday it was quoted Rs. 130 to me. In order to get the rest of my order I was asked to pay Rs. 1500 and upon asking how the order amounts to this much, I came to know that I would not be getting any jewelry items, the 3 creamy blush ons amount to Rs. 600, pay more the price of Oriflame kajal and I still fail to understand how the rest of the total amounts to Rs. 1500. Just imagine if I had made the payment I would not have left any leverage to make claims. I must say I am thoroughly disappointed with the unprofessional behavior and non committal behavior of Stay Stylish. There have been instances of she forgetting what exactly I had ordered and what colors. This was a very bad shopping experience for me. Let me mention here further that the Avon order is yet to arrive in December as per her claims.

If you guys are aware of her page you must have seen her updating statuses that people complain and criticize her. I was one of the supporters of her at that time but with this terrible experience I have been forced to change my opinions about her professionalism. One recent conflict occured at Rabeeya's blog sale where several girls blamed her for buying items on blogs and then selling them to customers which is actually true since my Luscious palette is a proof of it. I was told my palette would just be a swatched once and hence is the reason for low price. But from the pictures above it is clear from the lip items that the palette has actually been used and not merely swatched. Most of the pictures on her page have been taken from google or have been stolen from other pages. I personally have read comments of other page owners requestiong her to remove the pictures and she banned them all from her page so no one can comment. In case of any criticism she asks several members of her page personally to support her so my post might get a lot of negative comments but just to prove my point I'll show you a snapshot of a conversation of another person who had placed an order with her and she too was having a bad time. Click on the image to get a larger view of the conversation. In case you have any doubts, I can show you the snapshots of conversations for her commitment and denial of them.

The post you see above is of the conversation held between me and Amal Nauman. She also owns a Face book page. She is having the same issues I am having with her. Just like she has been blocked from her page so have I. So people I warn you from my dire experience do not fall for her sweet talks and long promises as it may prove to be sweet poison. So here is what I learnt from my experience:

1. Always ask to see the original images of the product before buying any item.
2. Keep friendship and business separate.
3. Be sure to ask about all the details so there is no confusion left.
4. Do not be fooled by the sweet talk.

I do not intend to be hateful, all I want is your support for the torment I have been through for two months with all the false promises. This is one of the reasons people fear placing orders over the internet for such fraudulent happenings. How is any misfortune a fault of the customer that he/she has to suffer. I ask Sanam directly that if she is reading this post, can she make it up to me for the two months? 

Sorry for the long post people. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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