Jewellry Haul from Haroon's

12:17 PM

Hi Beauties!

I went to Haroon's yesterday after work as it had been a month I had not visited and I was tempted to go and check out if anything new has come up. But I was disappointed as there wasn't much new stuff this time. Still however I got myself three things from there :p

Rings and ear studs from Haroon's

So I got myself two rings and a pair of ear studs. One of the rings in blue turquoise, the other one is in white and the ear studs are in gold color.

Blue turquoise ring from Haroon's

The blue turquoise ring is round in shape and has a silver antique design over the half of the stone and the silver design has embedded micro stones. It looks really beautiful. Can be worn on formal as well as semi formal occasions.

Blue turquoise ring from Haroon's

This ring cost me just Rs. 395 which I think is quite reasonable for the quality and design of the ring.

White ring from Haroon's

The next ring I got is white in color and has a metallic boundary and is sort of egg shaped with a pointed end. The upper curve is plain metallic in antique silver while the pointed end is embedded with micro transparent stones. Looks awesome on hands and is also for Rs. 395.

Ear studs from Haroon's

The ear studs are of Rs. 425 which I think is a little pricey but the good thing about the earings is that they will not lose their shine or the color won't fade.

One of the studs is a male character, a boy and the other one is a female, girl with pony tails and a dress. There are so many such contrasting pairs available at Haroon's and they look so cute and pretty when worn. I will show you some more in an upcoming post. They are simply amazing.

Ear studs from Haroon's

Blue turquoise ring from Haroon's

White ring from Haroon's

I love the jewellery collection at Haroon's. Its just amazing and quite reasonably priced. I am a regular and loyal Haroon's customer and would recommend you to try it out as well .They have outlets in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In Lahore they have two outlets, one in Qaddafi and the other one in Defence Y Block. You can check them out on their facebook page as well by clicking the link.

Hope you liked my New Year's first jewellery haul. Share your views with me. I love hearing your views. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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