Medora nail Color in Pink

11:15 PM

Hi Beauties!

My previous post was on Medora nail color and this one is also about Medora nail color. Here is another small Medora I had purchased with the previous one. This one is a bright pink shade.

Medora nail polish

Medora nail colors are distinguished on the basis of their color numbers which are usually taped on the cap of their bottle. The shade number for this one has worn off and I can only make out the last digit which is 8 and I have no idea what the first two digits are.

Medora nail polish

This too is an 11 ml bottle cost me Rs. 35 some 3 to 4 years back. This one has become a little thick and gooey with the passage of time and I have tried to fix it with pouring in a few drops of nail polish remover. It works but does not give a perfect smooth application. I get strokes while applying it on the nails. But what the heck it serves my purpose and I am happy ;)  So here is the result after applying two coats.

Medora nail polish

I really like this pink shade, it gives such a funky look and is so vibrant. The hands look so alive and fresh.

Medora nail polish

Overall I love Medora nail colors and whenever I find a different shade I always end up buying it. If you have not tried medora nail colors yet, do give them a try. They have a vast color variety and are really good.

Hope you liked my nail color. Post in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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