Medora Nail Color in 178

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Hi Beauties!

Here is another NOTD and its truly a winter color. Sometime back I went to my village and there I went for shopping (can't live without it :p) and found these lovely Medora nail colors. 

Medora nail color in 178

Its a small sized Medora nail color bottle with 11ml of contents only. But the color variety in this range is just amazing. There are so many lovely shades that I seriously feel proud of this local cosmetic brand. I tried a few shades and bought them as they were really nice colors and at an extremely reasonable price. 

Medora nail color in 178

The back side of the bottle has directions to use and also the price and content amount of the nail color. As you can see its priced at Rs. 35 which is just amazing. I purchased it some 3 or 4 years back (Yes, I know..... unbelievable!) so these were the prices then I do not know what are the current prices, will try to find out somehow. 

Medora nail color in 178

So this shade is number 178 which is a real dark purple more of a mauve color. Looks really good on nails and is a lovely winter shade. The results in the image are of 1 coat only. I applied only a single coat and this is the color I got so after applying 2 to 3 coats I am sure it will be much dark but I am cool with the color it gives with a single coat on. 

Medora nail color in 178

The applicator brush is of medium width which is fine for my nails, provides a moderate coverage over the nails. The applicator handle is small sized which might be troublesome in holding for larger hands. Another amazing part is since I have already mentioned that I purchased this color some good 3 to 4 years back so yes it dries out like any other normal nail polish but as I add a few drops of nail polish remover in it and shake the bottle pretty hard, the nail polish comes back to life and I can actually hear the ball in the bottle moving around in the bottle. This is the secret to how its still alive :p A good thing about these nail colors is that since they are small sized even if they completely dry out it won't hurt as they are so cheap. The only drawback of Medora nail colors that I have found so far is that they chip off real quick from the tips so a top coat is a must if you want your nail color to last for a few days. Other than that, I am truly happy with this nail color and would rate it a 4/5. I totally recommend you girls that if you find these small sized Medora nail colors anywhere do give them a try. 

Hope you enjoyed my review and liked my NOTD. Share your opinions with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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