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Hi Beauties!

Square nails have been in vogue for quite sometime now. Some naturally have a square shape and do not require much hard work to shape their nails. On the other hand there are people like me who have round shaped nails and no matter how hard they try they fail to achieve a perfect square look. I have tried million times before and always ended up ruining my nails till this miraculous product arrived. 

Its a nail tip cutter which gives a square shape to the nails.

It looks just like pliers and works in the same way as well. It has a plastic body with a matte finish and is very smooth with good finishing. Its available in different colors like orange, pink, lilac, mustard and black. I liked the one in black. The head which does all the magic is in the picture below:

All you need to do is put your nail in the curvy hollow part right in the middle and squeeze the handles. Voila! there you have your perfect square shaped nail. Its so easy to use and is so convenient. I am so glad I made this purchase. The only thing which I observed one needs to be cautious about is the placement of the nail. It should not be right next to your skin, I am sure you do not intend to get a squared skin :p and secondly the nail should be placed in such a manner that its exactly in the middle of the curvy hollow so that you do not get a nail shape slanting more towards left or either right.  

So above is the result I got in my first attempt. I know it isn't perfect but isn't bad either. With a little practice I'll be a pro in no time. 

And here is the final look:

I am thoroughly satisfied with this product. It does the job and does what it claims. I ordered it online on M & S Nail Art's Facebook page. Here is the link to her page. Check out her page she has got fabulous stuff for nail art and a wide variety of nail accessories and that too at very reasonable and affordable prices. This nail tip cutter cost me Rs. 350. You can transfer the amount via a bank transfer or easy paisa. The day I made the transfer, it arrived the very next day within 24 hours. Currently there is a promotion going on her page, till New year there are no delivery charges. Avail this offer and enjoy your shopping with no extra delivery charges. 

Hope you liked my review. Share in your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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