Oriflame Feet up Soothing foot cream

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Hi Beauties!

I am back with another review on Oriflame product that is their soothing foot cream. Just as its important to take care of our face, hands and body it is equally important to care for our feet too. Since feet are the ones which have maximum exposure to dust when we walk. There is dust on the ground, then bacteria and what not..... So foot care can not be ignored, but unfortunately I have observed that people often neglect their feet. Women would spend hours on their face trying to perfect it with make up and using creams and lotions worth thousands but when you look at their feet, they are dirty with cracked heels, un cut broken nails and chipped off nail polish.

So here is a quality product that you can use on daily basis and care for your feet without spending hours.

Oriflame claims that this product soothes and soften even the hardest working feet. Moisturising wheat germ oil and soothing orange blossom are combined in this rich, quickly absorbed cream. Use anytime for lasting hydration with a bright fragrance. "Happy feet from toes to heels"

Oriflame Feet up soothing foot cream comes in a plastic tube of 75 ml. Its a soft white colored tube with contents written on the back side. Remove the cap and it has a blue green colored mouth for the cream to come out.

The texture of the cream is smooth and white and consistency is normal, neither its real thick like a body butter and nor its runny. Its just like a normal cream should be. The picture below shows the amount of cream I use for my each foot. Since it absorbs quickly and I tend to have a very dry skin so I use it in a little more quantity but you may require less depending upon your skin type.

I have been using this cream for a while now and my experience of this cream is quite OK. The best part about this cream is it absorbs really fast in the skin which means feet don't feel greasy or oily. Its really important for a foot cream to be a quick absorbent, if not, dust and grime will stick to the feet more fast making feet look more dirt and grimy. Plus greasy feet may trouble in walking in open chappels as the feet may tend to slip. So this is a real plus for this cream. It really hydrates and nourishes the feet. My feet feel really soft and smooth after its application and it has a mild minty frnagrance like a pepper mint. So nice smelling feet is also a plus. I usually apply it in the morning before going to work but works best if applied at night.

You may not find this cream useful if you are looking for a healer for cracked heels or other foot problems. I got this cream from Oriflame office located in Main Boulevard Lahore for Rs. 279. Since its going to last for some time and does the job too so its reasonably priced but could have been priced a little less for a 75ml tube.

Overall my expereince of this cream has been fine and when it finishes I might buy it again if I do not find anything better than this. I totally recommend giving this cream a try. Hope you like my review. Let me know of your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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