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Hi Beauties!

Another thing about winter season is it brings along dry and chapped lips. No matter how much water you drink or lick your lips they get dry after a while. So what to do when this happens? We all go for lip moisturizing products that keep our lips hydrated. I also have used several lip products before as I tend to have dry skin and my lips get really dry in winters. But none of them worked as great as this one.

Yes, it is born lippy lip balm by The Body Shop. I already have other lip balms that I keep on using from time to time but once I went to Pot Pourri and saw this baby there and thought of giving it a try. I had asked its price from different shops, some quoted it for Rs. 800 and some Rs. 700. To be honest spending Rs. 700 for this small lip balm pot did not appeal me. At Pot Pourri I was told this pot worth Rs. 450. I instantly bought it. Here I would like to make one thing clear, this is 100% original body shop lip balm not fake or any A grade copy. The packing, the product, the fragrance I checked everything and it is 100% genuine. This is being sold at the same price on another cosmetic shop I often visit which is Channel in Liberty Markets. So I am sure it is real. The reason for it being this cheap is, unlike the original body shop, these small cosmetic shops do not have to bear the marketing expenses, sale girls' salaries and direct import costs. Plus the brands place their counters on different stores which means additional expenses so no doubt they have higher prices.

It comes in a small transparent sort of plastic pot which makes it travel friendly. You can pop it into your purse and use it whenever you want. Born lippy lip balms are available in different fragrances. Mine is in passionberry which smells almost like rasberry lip balmsand is a beautiful mauve color. It has 10ml of product and weighs approximately 9 grams.

I have swatched it on my finger. Since it is not clearly visible so I have encircled the area in red where I have it swatched. It is pretty much colorless when applied on lips and gives a wonderful fragrance. I feel like eating it when I apply it on my lips.

Coming to my experience of this product I would say it is amazing. I have been using it for two months now and it works amazingly on my lips. Due to its small size its always in my purse which means that whenever I feel my lips are dry I apply it. It is greasy like a wax and is a little thick in consistency which makes it easy to apply over the lips. I have noticed it stays good on the lips for like two to three hours depending upon your eating, drinking and licking the lips. For me, it hydrates my lips, smoothes them and they do not feel dry or chapped after its application. The fragrance is just great. It smells like raspberries and when applied can be felt by people in close vicinity but is not that long lasting.

I would rate this product 4/5 and would buy it again too. For winters I would say it is a must have product in your hand bag. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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