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Hi Beauties!

Today I am sharing another online shopping experience with you girls. I am fully aware of the risks involved in online shopping as I have been through one terrible experience. However I must say there are some online shooping pages on Facebook that totally live upto their claims by providing excellent services, good quality products that too at very affordable prices. SK9 is one such Facebook page where you can buy beautiful and elegant jewellery. Below is an item I ordered from SK9.  

Vintage charmed bracelet 
By now you know that I am a sucker for charmed jewellery. So when I visited SK9 the first thing that attracted me was this charmed bracelet. I instantly got it reserved for myself and thanked God that it had not already been taken. The above image has been taken from SK9's page and the image below is taken from my camera. You can see the bracelet is exactly alike.  

The chain is in antique gold. Its a 3 chain set bracelet. 2 are thick chains while the third one is thinly binded chain. I really really like this bracelet. It also makes sound when you move your arm/hand which I am not much fond of. I chose a matching necklace at accessorize to buy but unfortunately it got sold before I could even buy it. Its a strong and durable bracelet and if properly used can last quite long.

This bracelet cost me Rs. 995 and I only had to pay Rs. 60 as delivery charges. However it was delivered to me in 15 days time. I have ordered 3 more jewellery items from SK9 and will be ordereing more from them in future as well.

Hope you liked my review of the bracelet. Drop in your comments and let me know. You can check out SK9's Facebook page by click on this link. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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