Essence nail color in Time for Romance

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Hi Beauties!

Here is another post on Essence nail color. This one is glittery with silver glitter particles. The bottle size is as usual 5ml with a moderate sized brush applicator that gives a good coverage over the nails. Due to the small size of the applicator handle it might cause some problem in handling but its not a major issue.

The color number is 72, Time for romance and is a dark maroon shade with a sheery liquid and fine glitter particles and some chunky round glitter. I saw this nail color in Sarah Glossicious haul post and thought to buy the glittery ones. I myself am not a big fan of glitter nail colors as they are such a nuisance to remove but then I thought why not give them a try!

This is how the nail color looks after 3 applications. I have not applied any base coat or a top coat. Its just plain 3 coats of Essence nail color. As you can see the liquid color is quite sheer, it does not provide an opaque coverage over the nails. It can be used over some opaque color to give a nice glittery effect to the nails. The brush catches a good amount of glitter and the application is easy. What I do while applying glittery nail colors is that I dip the brush in th bottle to pick up some glitter and instead of swiping it over my nails I dab the brush over the nails. This way you get maximum glitter over the nails otherwise the glitter gets swiped away with the brush and very little remains on the nails.

Overall its a good glittery nail color. I would rate it 3.5/5. If you are into glittery nail colors then you must give it a try. I got this for Rs. 200 from Enem Liberty markets. Essence is also available at Al Fatah Liberty Markets Lahore. Hope you liked my review. Share your comments with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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