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Hi Beauties!

Has it ever happened to you that you are walking in a market thinking that you have purchased everything that was on your wish list and so done with the shopping and all of a sudden your gaze falls upon something you wish to buy immediately? I guess as a girl this must have happened to you at least once in your life time if not often. This recently happened to me too, although it happens a lot :p So here is what happened. I was on my way to the parking lot after getting myself a few things from Enem and there came a guy carrying a really huge plastic bag and holding makeup cases in his hand. The makeup cases looked appealing at first sight to me so I asked him the price. Upon knowing the price I knew I had to buy these babies they were an extremely reasonable buy and practical too. Let me show you what I got myself.

These are the makeup cases I got myself. They are a set of 3 cases. At the moment they look pretty unappealing huh? But keep on reading the post im sure your eye brows will rise by the end of the post after you will come to know the price and quality of these.

The cases the guy was holding as a samples were stuffed with stuffing material and were wrapped together by a pink organza fabric ribbon like the one you see above in the picture. These ones are without any stuffing hence looks ineffectual.

This is the first one of the set and is a travel makeup case. The exterior has polka dots all over and is plastic coated so it can be cleaned with a wet cloth and won't get dirty soon. The case has a pink zipper at the top and a handle to hold the case.

The interior of the case is made of pink nylon fabric. It can also be cleaned with a damp cloth in case you get a stain or something. The case is quite spacy and can store quite some stuff needed while travelling or just for storing your makeup items.

This is the second case of the set. Its just like a pouch and has a cris cross design on the exterior and is plastic coated just like the other one.

This is the inner view of the pouch case. It has a bright pink nylon interior just like the travel case.

Third one is a pencil makeup case and it too has polka dots like the travel case. You can keep your eye pencils, lip pencils, travel size brushes or any such makeup products in this case.

This is the inner view of the case.

You can use these cases individually or collectively, its entirely upto you. While travelling if you want to keep your makeup organized and at one place these cases may serve the purpose well.

This is the final look of the case with the rest of the two cases inside it. The other fit fit perfectly in the bigger travel case. I got all these cases for Rs. 300. Unbelievable isn't it! The guy quoted me Rs. 350 but I bargained to pay Rs. 300. Although I am sure if I had bargained more I could have gotten them on a few less Rupees as well. But anyhow I am happy with the price I got these. Imagine, Rs. 100 for each case!

Coming to the quality of the cases I would say the pictures speak for themselves. They are of excellent quality and brand new. They are by some brand named Modella and are made in China. The only fault I found in these cases is the exterior of the cases has a few color and design smudges. Probably one of the reasons of them being reasonably priced as they maybe defected pieces and hence rejected from batch produce. However I would rate these cases 4.5/5 and totally loving them for the quality, price and practibility. So from my experience I would suggest to keep your eyes open whenever shopping and keep on scanning around with those X ray visions. You might get a lucky bargain :) Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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