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12:40 PM

Hi Beauties!

Here is my new buy from Accessorize. It had been quite sometime that I had not gone there and mostly been visiting Haroon's. But since the seasonal sales have started I had to visit Xinhua Mall yesterday and also went to Accessorize to check if anything new had come up. There I saw this beautiful necklace and bought it immediately.

I am a fan of charmed jewellery. I just love those little things dangling from bracelets and necklaces. So I got myself this beautiful charmed necklace.

Here is a close up of the charms. You can see a watch, keys, some beads and multi colored balls. The chain is quite thick and a blue purple colored ribbon passes through the chain. The necklace is a little heavy due to the thick size of the chain plus the added charms but overall it balances out the weight and stays firmly on the neck but you will definitely feel the weight that there is something on your neck which is very very pretty :)

I am so in love with this nech chain. I simply love Accessorize. This neck chain is priced at Rs. 2350 which is a little expensive but all Accessorize items are high priced. Accessorize outlets are in Xinhua Mall and Mall of Lahore in Lahore city. You can also order online through their Facebook fan page here. Hope you liked my neck chain. Share your views with me. I love to read your views. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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