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Hi Beauties!

Blog sales are really on these days. I have seen so many blogs conducting sale now a days. I love these sales. There is nothing more fun than trying new makeup products that too on affordable and reasonable prices. I am aware of the harms of sharing makeup products but one can always disinfect them before using. That is my own opinion and I respect the fact if your views differ.

Amuse 6 colors blush palette
So Madiha a you tuber from colorsinmyeyes had a blog sale on Facebook a few days back. I liked some products but the most economical and practical I found was this blush palette for myself.

Amuse 6 colors blush palette

Its a 6 piece blush palette by Amuse cosmetics. I am personally not aware of this brand. This is my first ever product by Amuse. So I googled Amuse cosmetics and went through their website. I must say they do have some variety of products. You should check out their website to see what I am talking about. Here is a link to their website. The prices are not mentioned so I can not comment on the affordability of this brand.

Amuse 6 colors blush palette

So this lovely blush palette contains two brown shades, two pinks and two bright apple red sort of shades. The upper three shades are not that bright, they are subbtle and nude which is exactly how I like my blush on to be. I have swatched all the shades below. The upper three are the ones I am using on frequent basis as I prefer light and nude sort of makeup at work rather than bright glowing flashy face.

Amuse 6 colors blush palette - swatches

A close up of the upper three shades.

Amuse 6 colors blush palette - swatches

A close up of the lower three shades.

Amuse 6 colors blush palette - swatches

Like most of the blush ons I must say this palette isnt at all powdery or cakey. When I sweep my mini kabuki brush over the blush it doesnt get powdery at all and neither it spreads on the palette. It simply adheres to the brush and gives a very neat application over the face. This is the most prominent thing I liked about the palette and I was really surprized to see how smooth and neat application it provided. I clearly was not expecting this. I really like the variety of shades this palette offers, it has all the basic shades and is travel friendly for casual use.

Now the reason I got this palette was the variety of colors it had plus the price of it. This palette cost me Rs. 350 only exclusive of the delivery charges. Amazing isn't it! Anyways I am thankful to Maddi for selling this palette to me. I really like it and would rate it 3.7/5. If you get your hands on anything by Amuse cosmetics give it a try, maybe your experience will turn out to be a happy one like me. Hope my review was helpful. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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