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10:31 AM

Hi Beauties!

Jeez, Face book is flooded with pages selling jewellery, clothes and nail art items. No? It sometimes gets difficult to distinguish from where to buy and where not to buy. I seriously get confused! However a good customer never forgets the place where he/she has been treated with due respect and high quality services. Same is the case with JMC. I had ordered from her before and ordered again to her because of her professional behaviour. Anyways, I used to watch her page full of so many nail art items, pet accessories, jewellery items and many mix accessories. Finally I ordered a few things from her.

Nail art stamping plate, a scrapper and a stamper. All these at the most reasonable rates as compared to all other pages I have come across so far.


A bracelet, ring, kitty pendant and a peacock pendant. The quality is so good and they look so cute that I have got so many praises on wearing these. In fact my female colleagues have decided to order for themselves too.


And a few fimo canes :p I think I got one free fimo cane too as my order amounted more than Rs. 3000 so free fimo and free delivery :)

Isn't it an amazing haul? I simply loved everything I got. I got my delivery within 24 hours of making the payment. JMC is really reliable in terms of rates and quality services. I am definitely going to haul some more from her in future. She runs a Face book page, you can check out her page here. Hope you liked my haul. Share in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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