MAC duo blush (replica)

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Hi Beauties!

Using MAC cosmetics is the dream of every girl who knows about MAC and understands its worth. Same is the case with me I am also one of those girls. I am using MAC here but the catch is its a replica not the original MAC. However knowing that I am using a branded copy is somewhat soothing psychologically just like the psych research says. So this is the compact duo blush I am bragging about.

MAC duo blush

MAC duo blush

Its a duo powder blush and when I say powder I mean powder blush in the literal sense. Why? I shall explain this to you later.  The blush weighs 12 gms and is very compact in size which makes it travel friendly. Infact I carry it in my makeup pouch in my handbag at all times. The one I have is in shade 01. Although I did not see any shade variations in other kits, the shop had it only in shade 01 so I am not sure if other colors are available or not.

MAC duo blush

One is a soft coral shade and the other one is a nice bubble gum pink color.

MAC duo blush - comes with a back end mirroe and blush brush

One thing I like about this blush is that besides being a copy it comes in a nice finishing. Its actually a double storey blush. I did not figure it out right away when I purchased it. I know it sounds really dumb but I could actually hear something moving in the kit but just could not figure out what it is or why is the sound coming. Then somehow the lower portion clicked open and I discovered a mirror fixed at the bottom of the blush along with an applicator brush. Talk about Columbus discovering America and I discovering mirror and brush in my blush duo :p

MAC duo blush brush

Okay, I admit I seriously dont know how to use this brush. Whenever I apply blush with it I get a straight slanting rectangular color on my face. I do not find this brush fun to use at all as I do not know how to blend with it. I might sound dumb here but maybe I am :p The brush is not all that soft, it has a little hard bristles which might make it annoying to use.

MAC duo blush brush

Here is a swatch of the peach shade.

MAC duo blush - coral peach

This is the pink one.

MAC duo blush - bubble gum pink

MAC duo blush - swatch

Here is how the pink one looks while blended. It gives out a very creamy smooth fresh pink flush to the cheeks. I am wearing it today on my cheeks at work.

This is blended swatch of the coral peach shade. It is also really creamy and smooth.

I have used this blush duo alot and I like it too. Due to its compact size its always found in my handbag in case I ever need to apply blush on. Plus both the colors are the ones that compliment majority of the colors in dresses. When I said they are literally powder blush ons I meant they are so powdery that once touched the powder spreads all over the kit which maybe a nuisance if it keeps falling here and there in the bag. But on application over cheeks its effect is real smooth and creamy. It blends really well and gives a clean matte finish to the cheeks not at all chalky. You can see what I mean in the above swatches too. Another con I find in the kit is the existence of mirror under the blush. First one needs to open the second compartment, take the brush out, open the first compartment, sweep the brush and then again the second copartment to see the mirror for precise application. See, what I mean!

Overall its a good affordable thing to carry around. It cost me Rs. 350 and I purchased it from Hafiz Cosmetics. I would rate it 4/5 and is worth a buy. Hope you liked my review. Post in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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