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Hi Beauties!

OMG posts are a new addition in my blog. Yes you are right OMG means Oh my God! and when I shall do an OMG post it would imply that I am totally taken by the product. The product has worked for me miraculously. So this happens to be my first OMG post and its on a hair removing product. Lets see what all this is about...

When I went for grocery shopping this time to Hyperstar I felt like giving this product a try. I had seen it so many times before but never thought of giving it a look even. But this time I read the detail written on the back of the pack and thought of giving it a try.

Its a roll on wax from a famous brand Nair. They are usually known for their depilatory creams and wax strips. This roll on wax is another innovative product which I have given a try for the very first time. It comes in a plastic packing with one roll on wax, 15 sheets and an instruction leaflet. The wax content is 100 ml.

To use it, twist off the white lid and unscrew it. The mouth is corked with this plastic lid. Take out this lid but do not throw it away. Screw the roll lid again and wait for a while for the wax to flow into the roller. Its a lot better to warm the wax a little. I warmed it up for 20 seconds in the micro wave so that the it can roll out smoothly from the roller.

Roll the roller on the desired area in the direction of the hair. A thin layer of clear wax shall cover the area. Apply a sheet, rub the sheet with your hand once or twice and pull it off in the opposite direction of the hair. Tadaaaa..... Hellooo to the clean, smooth skin. All unwanted hair gone!

If you look at the picture below you'll see that the plastic case acts as a tray for the roller. Place the roller like shown in the picture so that the wax stays into the roller and does not move back if laid on a flat surface. Otherwise every time you will have to wait for the wax to flow down into the roller. And don't worry the wax does not leak out on its own into the tray at all.

Once you are done with waxing place back the lid and put the roller into the tray for later use. This is all about how the roller works and what it does. Now is the time to give my verdict on it....

I'd say I am totally blown away by this product. It is super awesome. It totally lives up to what its supposed to do. Its way beyond what I had expected out of it. When I pulled the strip and saw my smooth clean skin I was OMG! :o it actually worked. Since I am hairy and my hair growth is fast I tend to keep an eye on diverse hair removal methods. Waxing so far is the most suitable to me. But this Nair roll on wax I'd say is the most convenient thing I have ever come across. No messy and sticky hands and surfaces. Its clean and quick and does the job well even for my thick rooted hair.

This product cost me Rs. 565 from Hyperstar. The only issue I have from this thing is that as compared to the quantity its a little high priced. I mean Rs. 565 for 100 ml? They must come up with some refill wax or somthing. Though I have not tried it yet but I think I shall try pouring in the wax I normally use and see if it still works. Another plus for this wax is that it smeels really nice and fruity and even after washing the skin the light fruity fragrance lingers on. I am rating this product 4.7/5 and would totally buy it again and would recommend everyone else to buy it too.

Hope you liked my first OMG post. Drop in your comments and let me know if anyone of you has ever tried the roll on wax before and share your experience with me. I love to hear from you. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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