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3:37 PM

Hi Beauites!

Since all of us I am sure use Facebook so you girls must be familiar with Le Desir, a Facebook page that has made all international cosmetic brands within our grasp. They have a huge variety of products and have items from almost all famous and in demand brands. I wanted to have a few things for myself and Thanks to Le Desir I got my hands on the items through them.

This happens to be my first order at Le Desir and I got myself a few hair items. I ordered a bun maker, bump maker and hair curlers.

Bun maker

So here is the bun maker.

Bun maker

The hair curlers. There are 6 curlers in the set.

and finally the bump maker.

Bump maker - volume hair base

Bump maker - volume hair base

I am making this a quick haul post showing you girls what I ordered from Le Desir. I shall soon be reviewing them individually. You can check out Le Desir here. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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