Medora Nail Color in 479

11:08 PM

Hi Beauties!

You know how much I love nail colors. Every time I see a unique shade I just cant resist buying it. I am so glad to see the color variety Medora has. I actually feel proud knowing that a local Pakistani brand which people usually do not bother with just because it is cheap has such lovely colors in its collection. The best part about Medora is that its really very bery cheap and affordable. In the remote areas of Pakistan it still is a very popular brand. I remember my mom using Medora lipsticks when the choices of make up were very limited like two decades ago.

So coming to the review part, as usual I went to Victoria Departmental Store on Link Road Model Town and saw this wonderful shade. I really liked the shade. Its an aqua green teal sort of shade and looks quite different. Its a great color to be worn in summers as it really brightens up the hands.

Medora nail colors come in different sizes. This is ml bottle made of glass. The handle has a good grip and helps in easy application of the color. The brush is long with a moderate spread and provides good coverage over the nails.

See my hand below, I have applied two coats of this shade and the coverage is pretty opaque. I have not applied any base coat or top. The shine you see is the original shine of the color. As for the lasting power of the nail color I would say it lasts good for two days and slightly starts to chip off after two days from the tips.

I am always satisfied by using Medora nail colors and absolutely love them. The best part comes with the price. These nail colors only cost Rs. 95. They are soooo affordable and of good quality. I would rate Medora nail colors 4/5. Hope you liked my nail color. Have you tried this color before? Do you like it? Drop in your comments to let me know. I love to read your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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