My massive oriflame haul for April

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Hi Beauties!

Guess what? I got a little bonus this month along with my salary and I decided to spend the whole of it. You have already seen my Accessorize haul, here is the one for Oriflame. With this month's promotional items I decided to buy a few more other things too, so off I went to Oriflame's Lahore Office and got myself all these things :)

Firstly I got myself the Oriflame's Very me perach me perfect skin glow. Its a moisturizer with fine shimmer particles that are very finely grounded and they bring a shine on the face. Its available in two shades, one for the lighter skin tones and the other for darker skin tones. I got mine in light shade. It has a nice sheer coverage on the skin, gives out a peachy effect and the shimmer helps attain the shine and glow.

I so much wanted to buy this one when there were promotional sales going on this product but unfortunately whenever I used to go to buy it was always out of stock. Finally I got to lay my hands on this one this month. It cost me Rs. 383.

The grape anti oxidant peel off mask is on Oriflame bazaar these days which means it is running on discount. I already have the Acai and pomegrante anti oxidant set and I am quite pleased with that one hence I decided to try out anti oxidant peel off mask too. So far I have tried this once and I'll say that my conclusions are still undecided. I would try it twice more to give out my reviews. This, I got for Rs. 359. For a quantity of only 50 ml I would say its a little pricey.

The feet up range is usually on sale for quite sometime. Got myself a few things from this range. First is the Cooling foot gel. This one is for Rs. 279.

Pure skin face wash. A great product I must say and is available for Rs. 343. I think its very very reasonably priced.


GG Anti perspirant roll on deodorant for Rs 279. I think I would be reviewing this one first from the haul. I really have some things to say abput this product.

The lash booster is also available on Oriflame bazaar, that is the sale catalogue for this month. I am not very trusting when it comes to such claims as boosting lashes but since the product was on sale I bought it to try it out. It cost me Rs. 318.


And another item from the Feet up collection. Its a foot bath and is available for Rs. 318.

Feet up Reviving foot spray for Rs. 311.

Okay. I must say I really like these lip stains and lip glosses. Lip glosses applied over the lip stains bring out lovely colors and instantly add color to face. I am really liking these cutsies. I got both of the lip stains and all the lip glosses except the transparent one and also an eye liner in blue color. All these Very me items are for Rs. 398 each.

I was not aware that Oriflame has sample products as well. You can buy them on a very nominal price, test them for a while, if you are satisfied you can then opt for the original product. This is really amazing. I really liked this idea. We here in Pakistan, hardly ever get sample sized products to try them before opting for the real thing. When I got myself these, there were not many samples available. I only got my hands on a couple of them. 4 lipstick samples from the GG collection and 2 lipstick samples from color attraction collection. The GG samples are for Rs. 39 and Color Attraction lipstick samples are for Rs. 29.

I keep on changing my fragrances. I like to keep variety in them as I get bored pretty soon. So I got myself samples of two Oriflame perfumes, Precious ans Sensoria. Precious sample costs Rs. 35  and Sensoria sample is for Rs. 39.

Oriflame power shine lipstick in Pink Hypnotic. This one is for Rs. 632 and the second item you see is a lip brush by Oriflame. It costs Rs. 318 and is a great brush.

Ummmm..... This might seem a little out of place as I have not done any post on Mens' skin care products. For some reason I wanted to get these to see what their Mens' range is like. So I got these for someone, I would not be reviewing them since they wont be in my use and I can not judge them if I am not using them. So anyways, here is what I got:

Glacier Anti perspirant 24Hr roll on deodorant for Rs. 279.

From Oriflame's North range I got this total hair and body wash. I think this product has now been discontinued and wont be available anymore. This is for Rs. 398.

North Anti perspirant spray deodorant for Rs. 552.

North Fairness face wash for Rs. 632.

North after shaving moisture balm which is for Rs. 312.

This is my Oriflame haul for the month of April. Still there are promotions going on some other products too so you never know I might treat myself with more goodies. However I hope you people liked my massive haul. Drop in your comments and let me know as I love to read your feedback. Has anyone else got things from Oriflame this month? How has been your experience? Share your experience with me and others. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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