My Spring/Summer Accessorize

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Hi Beauties!

Summer is here and its time to shop for summer accessories. I have shopped mine. Have you? Let me share with you my funky, bright colored summer accessories I have purchased so far.

I am very much fond of accessorize and love to shop from here. Although the prices are exorbiantly high as compared to other brands but what to do we don't have a choice. We just suffer because the custom taxes and shipping is real expensive. Still I did not let this dampen my spirit and forgetting the price barrier I shopped luxuriously from Accessorize. So here is what I got myself.


Now there was a time when I could not find anklets in Accessorize store but thanks God this is not the case anymore. Infact I am really surprised to find out so many anklets in their collection this year. This one is a gold colored elastic anklet which is stretchable and has coin hangings. It looks beautiful when worn. This one cost me Rs. 800.


The next item also happens to be an anklet. It has neon pink, orange and yellow beads in it and pink strings hanging as a charm. I just love wearing this one. Its really cute and funky. This one is also for Rs. 800.

This one happens to be the bracelet just like the anklet above. Its a three string writslet and is very delicate and funky. This one is for Rs. 950. Another matching item for this variety is the necklace. Its really long and exactly the same style but I was not interested in buying it so you wont see it in the post. But just letting you girls know in case you feel like buying this set from Accessorize so other matching items are there for this collection.


Here is another anklet. Its a double layered anklet. One is gold colored with gold colored coins hanging and the other layer has multi colored sequins. This one is also for Rs. 800.

This is a really cute and chic anklet. It is also double layered. The aqua marine and gold combination is amazing. I have a dress of similar color scheme and this anklet would perfectly match that dress. This anklet is also priced at Rs. 800 and is totally worth the price.  

These are one of my favorites. These elastic bangles are just lovely. When I saw them I knew I have to buy theses. They are so bright and colorful, look amazing with summer clothes. There are five bangles in the set and they are priced at Rs. 1250.

These are boho style bracelets, a set of three. There are several charm items in them. Some have a parrot and some have an elephant. There are available in three different colors. I have them in purple and orange. The third color is blue I guess. These are also priced at Rs. 1250.

This is the only necklace I purchased amidst anklets and bracelets. I am not sure if it has other matching items but I really loved this one. it has pink, peachy pink, coral, gold and neon pink balls and looks so stylish and chic when worn. This is priced at Rs. 1400.

Last jewellery item is another anklet of the bogo style in blue with a parrot hanging as a charm. It has multi colored beads and looks very nice when worn under chooridaars (skinnies) currently in fashion. This is also priced at Rs. 800.

And lastly a wallet. I have lost the receipt for this item but as far as I can recall its priced between Rs. 2200 to Rs. 2500. Yes I know its really high for a wallet and I don't know what made me buy it :( but none the less I love it :)

That was all for my spring/summer accessorize haul. Hope you liked it. Some of the items above have been purchased from Accessorize Xinhua Mall outlet and some from The Mall of Lahore outlet as both tend to have slight variation in the display varieties. You can check out the latest collection online on Accessorize Facebook page by clicking on the following link. Drop in your comments and let me know if you have anything similar from Accessorize. I love to read your comments as they motivate me further. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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