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Hi Beauties!

Like you all know I am a huge nail polish fan and most of the times my nails are colored. I change my nail color on almost regular basis, which means I need something to quick dry the nail polish on my nails to save time. I saw a nail polish dryer on JMC Nail Art Islamabad's Facebook's page and placed an order. The box arrived the very next day containing my nail polish dryer.

The nail polish dryer comes in a thin corrugated cardboard box with dryer picture on both ends, top and bottom. Inside it lies a nice white colored nail polish dryer.

The nail polish dryer is made up of light plastic. The finishing of the machine is just average. By looking at it, it does not give you the look of a classy high end machine rather it gives an average mediocre look. The machinery and the gadget itself is really light weight and you can hardly feel it around which I would say is a good thing because this makes it travel friendly.

The above picture shows small air outlets. This is where the air comes out for the purpose of nail polish drying. I must say the outlets are really small. Either it has got to have a strong fan or some bigger outlets.

The machine functions by two AA sized batteries. I am using Energizer alkaline batteries for my machine. You can use any AA sized cells. Enough said about the physical attributes of the machine now coming to my experience of it.

One needs to place hand on the base tray of the machine and apply a little pressure. It presses down and activates the fan. The fan blows the air to dry the nail color. I must admit I had really high expectations from this machine but it did not turn out that great. Firstly the outlook of the machine is just average, finishing is not fine. Secondly the fan is not strong enough to dry the nail color quickly. Very little air blows out of the outlets and it does not make much difference whether one is using the dryer to dry nail polish or not. The difference is very insignificant. This machine cost me Rs. 1,475 exclusive of delivery charges and is not worth the money. I would rate it 2/5 and leave the choice upon you to try it or not. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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